Everyone’s favorite tag team is back! Team Brash narrowly survived their encounter against Austin Cooper and Zack Johnathan and now returns with much more confidence to take on their next victims. Colt Stevens and Tyson Matthews have already had their asses handed to them by these twi. Dash almost ate Colt while Tyson was pulverized by Bruce in their respective matches. So… why the fuck did they thought it was a good idea to stand on a ring against these men again?! Ahhh… they joy of low-IQ wrestlers and the evil minds behind RHW. I can truly picture the RHW bosses malevolently grinning as soon as these losers signed up for the match.

To make things worse for the poor victims, Dash and Bruce seem to have picked up a few things from their last appearance. Their bond seems to be strengthened by the close call they experienced a few weeks ago.  They both seem more comfortable cheering each other on and more synced as they work over the helpless chumps. My concern about their first appearance is now erased, as they both seem more supportive, driven and focused as they quickly shut down every advance their pesky opponents try to mount.


This is definitely a squash, but the big guys don’t end up unscathed though. In fact, in both rounds Dash and Bruce are treated to some cruel punishment by Colt and Tyson. It is always nice to see the big guys being vulnerable. At times I even get confused if I like Dash and Bruce better when they are getting their asses kicked. But it would be delusional to think Colt and Tyson had a true chance to win this. I don’t think they ever gain or maintain control for more than one minute. Colt is fast sweeping the big boys off their feet and Tyson, well, he does what he can the few times he is lucky enough to slip out of their claws. But the truth is that they don’t have any business here, and what we all want to see is how the muscle gods break them.

Some pointers on what to look out for: don’t miss out what seems to be an authentic slap from Colt to Bruce at 7:30 (check Bruce’s reaction), Dash’s sadistic on-the-mat and on-the-air choking of Colt starting at 8:53, a nice view of Dash’s package as Tyson Boston-crabs him at 14:45, Dash’s 2:30 minutes demolition of Tyson by the end of the match and Bruce’s bulge in those light blue square cuts throughout all the match.

And of course the most important thing: the last images of a sweaty Team Brash celebrating their triumph with a bro hug and some side-by-side posing after the last submission, enough to confirm their bromance and making us fall in love with them once again! MORE PLEASE! finaldot

Prof. Waters


After three humiliating defeats in a row, anyone would have thought Alex Waters could have lost his way. It doesn’t seem that way though, as we see him in his usual mood in the opening scene of his latest match. Relaxed, cocky and arrogant, it appears he enrolled unlucky Tyson Matthews as his student on the first ever course of RHW’s School of Hard Knocks. If you think about it, it could be RHW’s way to give Alex a chance to release some of that built-up frustration. If only Tyson knew…

“This is Wrestling 101. My name is Alex… I never lose” he cockily says to the blonde stud. Tyson snubs the veteran’s lessons calling them “pathetic” even when it takes him at least three seconds to stand-up after a hip toss. The fight is on after Tyson disrespectfully throws away the instructional whiteboard with the day’s learning points. Oh Tyson, you chose to learn the hard way.

Alex starts reviewing the basics by taking the blonde through his list of moves while belittling the taller guy with his trademark banter. Only a slip of Alex gives Tyson the chance to try and teach the professor of this course the “proper” way to do a full nelson. But the new guy doesn’t seem to be a quick learner. In fact, is like he didn’t learn much from his previous two drubbings and it takes just a second of a mental lapse for him to lose control of the match.

As the wrestlers heat up and Alex finds himself again, were are treated to another destruction at the hands of ‘The Fratboy’. At the end, just as we expected it, Tyson pays the ultimate price for trying to outwit his professor. Just be ready for the sexy, dominating way our bad boy decides to finish the lesson!


Did I miss cocky Alex doing the things he does best? Hell yes I did! After his debacle, we get to see Alex triumphant in full heel mode. Choking, slapping and abusing his student, Alex reminds us how good he is at humiliating his opponents for our viewing pleasure. This particular moment at 11:25 is all Alex:

And what about when he muffles Tyson’s mouth just because he “doesn’t like” how he sounds:

And if you need more proof, take this “Alexism” that had me smiling by mid-match: “The whole objective of winning a match is for your hair to still be perfectly coiffed after the match.”

Who Wore it Better?

Choose between this contrasting duo of sexy trunks. On one side we have those very tight shorts on Alex. Those are the style that I wanted Alex to wear on the King of the Ring match! Sometimes, they do made me forget there is a match going on, as it’s inevitable not to be distracted by that enormous bulge:

On the other side we have Tyson’s trunks which have a looser crotch fitting. I just love the bounciness of it all. It’s a different way to tease, which I find  very sexy:

Can’t decide? Me neither. While we deliberate, let’s fast forward to 16:49, when certain body parts get really close to each other creating a really suggestive moment.

Worth Noting

I love how well RHW wrestler rotation policy is working. Weeks ago I was craving some Bruce Ballard and they hit the spot with the previous release. And just days before this release I was starting to ask myself, “Where is Alex Waters?” and here we have some Alex Waters. It takes a good sense of balance and timing to keep things interesting and I think they have achieved that with their sequential use of the talents between releases.

Bottom Line

RHW inaugurates their School of Hard Knocks  with Professor Waters reminding us of what he can do. As for Tyson, let’s hope the third time is the charm, but I don’t mind those long muscles being taught throughly again and again. Sign me up for next semester!

Alex Waters vs Tyson Matthews @ Rock Hard Wrestling » finaldot




Si, ellos saben.

Yes, they know. 

Rock Hard Wrestling presenta al “novato” Bruce Ballard vs Tyson Matthews  en su más reciente producción. Ahora,  este no es cualquier novato. Tal como me sucedió con el debut de Alex Waters la pregunta en mi mente es, ¿estos tipos nacen con un gen para ser luchadores ‘underground’? Claro además de todos los genes que los hacen ver como de una raza más avanzada a los de los seres humanos. No estoy exagerando, Bruce sonríe (mucho que sonríe, por cierto) y a mí se me olvidan los problemas. Y no me olvidó de Tyson. El también le hace algo a mi cuerpo.

Rock Hard Wrestling presents the newbie Bruce Ballard vs Tyson Matthews in their latest production. Now, this is not another rookie. Just like it happened when I saw Alex Water’s debut match, the question on my mind is, are these guys born with a gene for underground wrestling? Of course, that one in addition to all the genes that make them look like they belong to an evolved version of the human species. I’m not kidding when I say that when Bruce smiles (and he does a lot, actually), my problems just go away. And I don’t want to leave Tyson out of my appreciation. Tyson does tick something inside me.

Son 26 minutos de lucha que comienzan con el típico encuentro cara a cara en el ring. Bruce le lanza el primer insulto: ” ¿De donde te reclutaron… en Baby Gap?” y ahora soy yo el que estoy sonriendo. No se confundan, pues Tyson responde cargándolo y tirándolo a la lona. Esta es una lucha pareja, de las que me gustan, donde no tengo idea que va a pasar. Lo único que sabemos es que uno de estos dos luchadores se anotará su primera victoria en Rock Hard.

It’s a 26-minutes match that starts with the typical face-off in the ring. Bruce spits the first zinger: “Where did they recruit you? Baby Gap?”. It is me now the one smiling. Don’t get too excited, as Tyson responds by lifting him up and slamming him against the canvas.  This is an even match, the type I like, where I have no idea what to expect. We just know someone is about to get their first win at Rock Hard.

Lo Mejor / Highlights

Son pocas las cosas mejores que un “novato” que sabe lo que está haciendo. Bruce muestra fuera al lograr levantar en peso a Tyson en par de ocasiones y conocimiento al ejecutar movidas tanto de rendición como de impacto. Particularmente me gustan dos movidas de pegada en salto, estilo MMA, al 10:25 y 20:54, algo que no creo haber visto antes en Rock Hard o cualquier otro sitio de lucha underground. Le da otro dimensión a la lucha y añade cierta sensación de peligro, que no creo que todos los oponentes de Rock Hard puedan neutralizar.

There few things better than a “rookie” who knows what he is doing. Bruce shows strength when lifting all of Tyson a couple of times and also shows knowledge when executing both submission and impact moves. It’s particularly interesting to me a move he repeats two times, at 10:25 and 20:54. It’s a Superman punch, a bit more like those you can see while watching MMA. It is something I have not seen in underground wrestling, I believe. It does give him another dimension and a sense of danger that not many opponents at Rock Hard will be able to neutralize.

Y no quiero dejar de lado a Tyson. Bruce puede que le esté robando la atención con su debut, pero Tyson también demuestra calidad cuando domina a Bruce. En su debut no tuvo mucha suerte pero Tyson merece este tipo de oportunidad para brillar. Durante la primera parte de la primera caída hace un excelente papel torturando al novato, haciéndome pensar que esto iba a hacer una barrida.

And I don’t want to leave Tyson behind. Bruce might steal the spotlight on this match, but Tyson does show quality when dominating Bruce. Tyson himself wasn’t so lucky on his debut, but he does deserve opportunities to shine. During the first half of the first fall, he does a great job torturing the newbie, making me think this was going to be a sweep.


Lo + Sexy / Sexiest Bits

Me gusta lo sexy de Rock Hard y como me hacen sudar simplemente con dos tipos en “squarecuts”. Puntos extras por el paquete de Tyson que brinca un poco más libremente que la mayoría de los otros luchadores. Desafortunadamente Bruce está usando una trusa mayormente negra que no nos deja apreciar bien sus atributos pero aún así sus muslos y trasero me tienen salivando. Tal vez yo sea el único que lo encuentre sexy pero chequeen a ambos luchadores ajustándose la entre pierna entre ratos al subírsele la trusa (12:56, 16:52, 20:03, 22:51 y 23:18, por ejemplo). A la marca de 7:50 llega el comienzo de la primera caída, donde uno de los dos luchadores carga al otro y lo deja caer sobre la rodilla, aplicando una backbreaker. Ambos cuerpos están exposición y son admirables. Al minuto 23:00-23:15, ¡Bruce estira sus los biceps de Tyson mientras lo atrapa en un ‘schoolboy’ pin! Que recuerde esto no lo vemos tan a menudo en Rock Hard así que, ¡¡disfrutémoslo!!

I like how Rock Hard works the concept of sexy, making me sweat just by having two guys in squarecuts. Extra points for Tyson’s package that bounces a bit more freely than most of others wrestlers. Unfortunately, Bruce sports a black and blue-stripped squarecut that doesn’t really let us appreciate this part of his body, but still I’m salivating for those glutes and thighs. May be I’ll be the only one thinking this is sexy, but just check out the wrestlers re-adjusting their squarecuts as they get unintenionally wedgied (12:56, 16:52, 20:03, 22:51 and 23:18, for example). At 7:50 comes the beginning of the end of the first fall when one of the wrestlers carries the other and then slams him into his knee in a over-the-knee backbreaker. Both bodies are exposed and it is admirable. At the mark 23:00 to 23:15, Bruce stretches Tyson biceps while he is trapped in a schoolboy pin! We don’t get to see many of this at Rock Hard, so enjoy!!!


Conclusión / Bottom Line

Tal cual una protoestrella, a Bruce sólo le falta un poco más de densidad y cohesión. De hecho en esta misma lucha pueden ver el progreso. Parece ser sólo cuestión de tiempo para que lo consideremos una estrella. Pero de todas maneras ya está brillando, aún con lo difícil que es lograrlo en la galaxia de Rock Hard Wrestling.

Gran trabajo Rock Hard, gran trabajo. Ustedes sí saben.

No te pierdas el nacimiento de una estrella. Bruce Ballard vs Tyson Matthews está disponible ya en Rock Hard Wrestling.

Just like a protostar, Bruce just needs a bit more density and cohesion. In fact, you can already see the progress in this match. It just seems a matter of time before we call him a star.  Regardless, he is already shinning. A very hard feat to achieve in the Rock Hard Galaxy.

Great job Rock Hard, great job. You do know.

Don’t miss how a star is born. Bruce Ballard vs Tyson Matthews is now available at Rock Hard Wrestlingfinaldot