Simmering Delight


Previews for BG East Catalog 110 are already starting to pop-up in The Arena, but I just can’t let Catalog 109.3 pass by without talking about this match. The opening and closing of Florida Fights 5 are both highlights to me, but Ty Alexander vs Mason Brooks reminded of how overdue my praise for both Mason and Ty is. By now you may have read Bard’s excellent review of this match, with which I agree 110% and I recommend for you to do read it in case you haven’t yet. Bard’s piece truly leaves with little else to add, but still I will try to add some observations in order to give this performers what they deserve.

When both Ty and Mason debuted on BG East you could tell they were no ordinary ‘rookies’. We saw Ty first on Raunchy Rookies 7 in a match that could have easily been part of the X-Fight series. While we were told that he had “plenty of private wrestling experience under his belt” that didn’t necessarily had to translate into zero nerves, great selling and the ability to gush a creamy load even with a camera pointing on him. Mason, on the other hand, came roaring when he stepped for the first time in front of the BG East lens on Gazebo Grapplers 14. Looking too innocent to think of him as a possible threat, he fooled us all with his sweet looks by proving he could keep up with the brutal world of the most complete underground wrestling producer. Later we also knew he also had his “fair share of wrestling” before making his debut, but again, that shouldn’t necessarily had to translate into a successful appearance. Both of them seem to have been born ready for this, moving from serious to sexy to exxxtremely sexxxy with ease.

Their bout in Florida Fights surprised me because in my mind putting together their names meant that this was just going to be another “Pool Tournament” spin-off X-fight. But instead, the boys and BG East wisely decided to break the pattern and kept this one (relatively) clean, focusing instead in something even more sexier: pure physical and mental domination. After watching this video I just wanted Mason to own me just like he did with Ty: fucking with my mind by taking his time to both calculate and enjoy his choices of punishment. You can tell Mason spent days daydreaming about all the things he was going to do to Ty by watching the look of satisfaction on his face every time Ty screamed “I give!” A smart, calculating, sweet-looking, devilish man wrapped up in golden trunks, who’s ready to own me mentally and physically; that’s all I want for Christmas this year.

Yet at the same time, I also wanted to take Mason’s place and break the pain scale with BG East’s power jobber. Ty once again does what he does best: grunt and scream in agony while he’s repeatedly abused and manhandled. If you follow him through social media you may have noticed he is getting bigger, probably thinking that will probably help to break his bad luck but while we find out if that will work, this match gives us another chance to watch that sweet ass get destroyed and left out cold in the middle of the ring.

This to me is a simmering delight, moving slowly but keeping things hot, as Mason takes his time to complete his work, giving himself (and us) time to appreciate his first time inside the BG East ring. By the time the match ends I’m savoring Mason’s recipe for a sweaty end and yet I’m still in-love with Ty’s vulnerability. From any way you see it, it’s a win-win! finaldot

The Ps: Best of 2014 (1)


Drum roll please! The first award of The Ps for the Best of 2014 is here! On the first day of this event I’m giving out the P to the Most Unexpected Event of the Year. In this category I revisited some of most shocking moments, upsets and surprises that defied my expectations. You will probably read a lot of me complaining of how hard it was to pick some of the winners as I continue handing awards during the following days, but I wanted to stick to a no-tie policy in order to force myself to find a winner. In this case, after much consideration I think I found one moment in which I remember I had to look twice thrice to my computer screen to believe what I was seeing and still I couldn’t pick-up my jaw. The P for the Most Unexpected Event of the Year goes to…

¡Redoble de tambores! ¡El primer premio de Los P a Lo Mejor del 2014 está aquí! En el primer día de este evento quiero otorgar la P al Evento Más Inesperado del Año. En esta categoría traté de revivir algunos de los momentos más chocantes, victorias inesperadas, apariciones sorpresas, como los giros y vueltas que desafiaron mis expectativas. Probablemente me escuchen quejarme mucho durante los próximos días sobre cuan difícil se me hizo escoger a los ganadores, pero quería seguir una política de cero empates para obligarme a escoger un solo ganador. En este caso, luego de mucha consideración pienso que he encontrado un momento que recuerdo me hizo mirar dos tres veces a la pantalla de mi computador para creer lo que estaba viendo y aún así no encontraba como recoger mi quijada del suelo. La P para el Momento Más Inesperado del Año es para…


Shane McCall‘s return to BG East after more than 10 years generated a rush of feelings that my mind just couldn’t process at once. There was happiness as when you find something lost that you never thought you will see again. There was nostalgia as memories of the dozens of times I had some fun while watching him wrestle came back to me. And there was the excitement of watching him in a very interesting daddy versus twink scenario as he faced Ty Alexander on Catch Weight 6.

El regreso de Shane McCall a BG East luego de más de 10 años generó una ráfaga de emociones que mi mente no podía procesar a la vez. Había alegría, como cuando encuentras algo que has perdido y que pensabas que no volverías a ver otra vez. Había nostalgia ya que volvías a mí la memoria de decenas de momentos donde recuerdo haberla pasado bien mientras lo veía luchar. Y había la excitación  de verlo en un escenario muy interesante de maduro vs ‘twink’ al enfrentar a Ty Alexander en Catch Weight 6 .


In this one, my mind took a break. I didn’t try to guess the plot before I watched it. I didn’t read any description, reviews or comments. I just enjoyed  the extremely rare treat of reliving my infatuation with this man while confirming that after all this time he’s still going strong. This was magical. And as I said before, it is one of the things that you could only feel through the BG East experience.

En esta lucha, mi mente se tomó un descanso. No trate de adivinar la historia antes de verla. No leí ninguna descripción, reseña o comentarios. Sólo me senté a disfrutar de la extremadamente rara sorpresa de poder revivir mi obsesión con este hombre mientras confirmaba que después de todos estos años aún continúa pegando fuerte. Fue mágico. Y como les dije anteriormente, es algo que sólo se obtiene de la experiencia BG East. 

Do you agree? Do you have any unexpected moment you would like to share?

¿Están de acuerdo? ¿Tienen algún otro momento inesperado para compartir?

Stay tuned as tomorrow I celebrate the wrestler with the best trunk choices for 2014!

¡Pendientes mañana ya que galardono al luchador con las mejores selecciones de trusas para el 2014!  finaldot