I just love when I get to see a match where I can’t pick a favorite beforehand. I LOVE to watch Nero as much as I LOVE watching Tito. I’d be equally happy to be wrapped by Nero’s powerful thighs as I’d be by being choked by Tito’s giant arms. Plus with latin blood flowing through their veins and the ability to throw some Spanish zingers, this match-up seems like it was custom made for myself!


Even when they are both equally sexy in my eyes there are huge differences between them. Tito has 4 inches, 20 pounds and a big, bouncy ass (that probably helps with leverage) on Nero which translates to a huge strength disadvantage that initially tips the scale to Tito’s favor. But what does Nero have? Nero has technique. And stamina. And a whole fuckload of confidence. This is a classic ‘strength vs skill’ match.

So how do you beat a guy that has 4″ and 20 pounds on you? Apparently, you wait. And wait. And then wait some more, until frustration builds-up and mistakes start to happen. Tito is all about power; ‘marroneando’ -using force to getting things done- as we say over here. That is what leads him to be in control control for probably more than 70% of the match and means that Nero has to endure being in tight spot after tight spot waiting for Tito’s defense to come down. It is his inability to seal the deal what provide Nero the opportunity to attack Tito’s weakest points and bring the big man down. I can’t tell if this was Nero’s game plan all along, but it’s surely a risky strategy that he pulls off successfully thanks to his stamina and skills.

Question is: should you watch? Well, watch if you like how sexy these boys are, if you like to see big butts bouncing, or if you like to see giants being taken down a notch (or, like, five). I can tell you I enjoyed it for those three reasons and MORE…

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CT’s Feat


The very first gif you see at the top of this post is my favorite moment from Case ‘CT’ Thornton vs Tito Marones. You are probably watching about 5 seconds of a half-minute struggle between both wrestlers, where Tito’s own cockiness and inexperience lead him to become Case’s bitch.

Let me give you a little bit more context. After nearly popping Case’s head in a extremely tight headlock less than a minute into the match, Tito seems confident that his power will be enough to bring Case down. I, for a moment, thought the same. The amazingly built Venezuelan gives CT hell right from the beginning with little he can do to put it under control. In fact, I had a lot of trouble trying to capture the gifs for this match because every time I scanned the movie to select the segments that better reflected the action, it seemed as if somehow Tito was always on top. Case is left with little choice but to endure everything Tito send his way until he can find a break. In the process, CT is crushed by those monstrous arms, slammed against the mat and taunted by the big guy. However, he does an impressively good job at enduring the ordeal while conceding only the minimal amount of submissions.

This frustrates Tito, who runs out of ways in which he could extract another round from CT. As that frustration builds up, Tito’s defense comes down and thats how that gif comes to be. For 30 seconds Tito keeps standing still, cockily balancing himself while CT tries to get the perfect lock on his ankle. Once Tito goes down is game over and he has no choice but to give up to CT’s trap. CT’s patience pays off again and again as the big guy wears himself off and his frustration gets the best of him. Tito tries really hard to score once again, even catching the lanky stud in another headlock, but CT’s got his number.

CT’s feat is amazing because the amount of power Tito shows is not only impressive, but downright intimidating. He puts a -real- display of skills, intelligence and confidence that you don’t necessarily get from his presence at other wrestling sites.

So why you should see this match? Because it’s not everyday that we get to see a huge, ripped exotic guy get his ego broken by such a sexy, confident, skilled, lanky stud. Yes, I could alway watch a little bit more more of that! finaldot

¡Hijo ‘e Puta!


Oh Tito! Tall. Check. Broad shoulders. Check. Big thighs. Check. Muscular ass. Check. Big bulge. Check. Multiple tattoos. Check! Ding, ding ding! We have a winner! The Venezuelan ‘chamo’ checks every item needed in order to become a ‘La Sustancia P’ favorite. Tito doesn’t only makes me weak on the knees because he fits the bill physically, but for another important reason: he speaks the language I speak.

There is not a more instinctive connection than to hear someone speak your own tongue. This is something that doesn’t happen regularly to me when watching wrestling videos, so any word or phrase that I get to hear becomes a big deal.  This time it happens around the 11:00 minute mark when Tito has short but tough Ray Mousi trapped in a choke hold. Tito seems to taunt Ray by whispering something unintelligible to his ear and then proceeds to crank the hold even tighter making the dark adonis submit. As both men lay exhausted on the mat Tito says the magic words that made my brain explode: “¡Hijo ‘e puta!” ,which literally translates to “Son of a bitch!”. The phrase is used with the same connotation it has in English, denoting grudging respect for someone; in this case for Rousi’s strength and resilience. The magic doesn’t comes from the phrase itself. It comes from how Tito says this as a native Spanish speaker, pronouncing it exactly as I would, and from the fact that is rare to hear such words in a Movimus match and even stranger to hear them in Spanish. It may be a small detail that you probably wouldn’t even notice, but to me it becomes an instant highlight. Proof as how such a subtle detail can become so meaningful.

You may notice these gifs are a little bit ‘Tito-centric’ but, you know, that’s all part of my newfound fondness for him. I can promise you the match is full of very close situations that are suffocating to even watch as they keep trying to shut down each other’s oxygen supply. Yes, the match is a thrilling choke-holds galore with both wrestlers impressively holding out as their throats are put to the test again and again.

While there is a winner,  you can say victory is not definitive at all. So Movimus: I’m more than ready to see this latin stud otra vez. This needs to be settled with a REVANCHAfinaldot