Bringing The Peasant To His Knees


Rock Hard Wrestling sometimes likes to throw us off with their matches’ titles, but with ‘Royal Punishment’ we get exactly what we’re told: King Austin beating the shit out of Tanner Hill! Austin Cooper brings his King of the Ring belt to this non-title match in what surely is the start of the build-up for a title defense. Tanner, of course, is not impressed at all and is reluctant to address the ‘King’ by its title, defiantly calling Austin a “princess” instead. Oh Tanner! What’s the reasoning behind calling a guy who can bench press double your weight a “princess”?!?!

So it’s clear Tanner doesn’t stand a chance, but how cruel and humiliating is this beating? Well, Austin intentions seem beyond merely winning the match. More than using this as a warm-up for a title defense, it seems as if he wanted to send a message to anyone who dares to question why he is the reigning King. Doing the best use of his strength and experience, Austin not only uses his power to abuse his ripped victim but to humiliate him hold after hold. Coop even impressively manhandles his peasant lifting him right off the ground for more punishment in both reverse…

…and inverted bearhugs!!!

The beautiful final submission that finishes Tanner for good is not to be missed as it is the final post victory humiliation as Austin brings the peasant to his knees to ask the King for forgiveness!

So what now? Who will dare to challenge King Austin to his first title defense? Whoever it is, he will definitely need more than a ripped six-pack to take the King down and will definitely be risking both his body and his ego in the quest for the royal glory… Who will it be? finaldot

Breaking Through


It’s a new release for Rock Hard Wrestling and yet another shredded rookie that dares to take a chance against the established veterans. This time it’s Tanner Hill who is given the task to open the scoreboard for Team Rookie, which hasn’t been able to win even one submission since the inauguration of the new RHW studio. But Tanner’s task is a mighty one since he is up against La Sustancia P-favorite Bruce Ballard! Perhaps Bruce hasn’t been so hot on his previous single matches, but that only makes me think he’s ready to get his mojo back by getting to break in some new meat.

Right from the start Bruce asserts his dominance as he steps for the first time on RHW’s new ring by asking Tanner: “Where did they find you, new guy?” Yeah, that’s my same fucking question: where do RHW finds these handsome, ripped, ridiculously hot new guys?!?!?! Well, Tanner does not give an answer. Instead, he just takes his warm-up fleece off and you can hear Bruce flubbing at the sight of Tanner’s impressive physique! After a couple seconds, Bruce is only left forced to admit how ripped the new guy is and take his now signature ‘Batman’ shirt off. One minute and 25 seconds into this match and I’m already in heaven!

Knowing he can’t beat the rookie bragging about body fat percentage, Bruce astutely ups the ante by comparing their biceps and getting the rookie on the defensive, right where he wants him to be. Given the title of this release, you may not be surprised with the result of this match but what may surprise you is how good this match-up turns out to be. Bruce has his way with Tanner for most of the most of the encounter, getting in contact once again with his heel side to show the rookie how it is done. High impact moves, lots of cruel trash talk and buckets of sweat make Bruce the biggest reason why to own this match. We know how equally good he is at kicking ass and getting his ass kicked and once again he proves how this versatility is what make him a star.

But hey, be aware that Tanner seems to fit very well inside RHW. The blond starts a bit too shy, speaking too low voice, probably the result of being intimidated by Bruce’s showmanship. But right when he has his first chance to get the upper hand, it feels as if Tanner had being around for a while! Once he gains confidence, he goes on to attack Bruce with certain level of physical and verbal fluidity that could make you question if he’s in fact a rookie. He has a natural drive for aggression that is only missing just a little bit more reinforcement and direction. Plus, he has a beautiful agony face and a relatively low, masculine suffering grunt that works very well when it reaches my ears. I can say that from the three new recruits, Tanner is the one presenting the most potential and by the time he gets even more experience and confidence on the black-and-blue ring, he will be a dangerous threat to any challenger.

So Tanner might be broken by the end of the match, but to me he is actually breaking trough as he leaves the best impression from all the new meat that has arrived to RHW. Now Tanner, along with fellow rookies Rex and Jax, have to show if they can adapt and evolve in order to succeed in the dog-eat-dog world of Rock Hard Wrestling or be condemned to be broken again and again! finaldot