A Better Black

On my last review, I talked about how much I dreaded one of the performers plain black trunks. I kept thinking about it and I realized that I was bothered more by the “plain” than by the “black” part of it.

Black is the perfect go-to color for wrestlers because of its psychology. It visually makes a statement about strenght and power that serves to establish superiority what makes understandable that many performers will try to rock this color while in action. As a basic color, it is not hard to find a good pair of black trunks and it’s even easier to combine them with anything else. And as it is not-so-revealing, it makes a great pick for conservative or self-conscious performers.

But in homoerotic wrestling, plain, basic and conservative are not usually part of the equation. If a wrestler wants to wear black he needs to be aware that if he doesn’t combine it properly with other elements of design he will otherwise look like a basic bitch.

I have taken the liberty to make some observations about the use of black gear and write some very subjective guidelines about how to make a black gear look work:


Yes, sometimes it’s about the style. Mike Columbo shows four different looks here. It’s a gradient that starts at the top left with a full trunk look, and ends bottom right with a barely-there g-string. In other words, we are going from “I’m so basic” to “LOOK AT ME!”.


My favorite looks? The two in between. The top right one is the most masculine and conservative, yet still revealing with a deeper waist cut and higher thigh cut that perfectly encapsulates his assets. In that same match he later progresses into the bottom left thong which in all honesty is the reason why I bought that DVD. Every cut serves a purpose but it still it has to be selected according to the body type, assets and personality. And still, it’s not only about the cut…

2014.12.21_Black_title_2Source: Beefcakes of Wrestling

Looks pretty basic at first, doesn’t it? This is an example of how you can portray a message not only through color, but through fabric. Finn Bálor (Prince Devitt) rocks a reptile/snake texture in his trunks that convey a primal message of strength and aggressiveness that black spandex alone would have never achieved. Of course fabric should be primarily functional, but the type of fabric and its finish can take something really basic and transform into a powerful statement.  The reflectiveness of the fabric also portrays elegance that combined with Bálor’s good looks and ripped body makes you wonder if you are watching NXT or a Fashion Week special. It all adds up to make my second favorite look in pro-wrestling. My favorite is an amazing combination of both the right cuts and fabrics.



First image: “Basic” Seth Rollins. Second Image: “MOTHER-FUCKING HOT!” Seth Rollins. Third image: “OH-MY-GOD-I-CAME!!!!” Seth Rollins. Evolving from his look of “The Shield” days (where we were neglected of watching him being shirtless), Seth now rocks a contemporary leathered superhero look which includes a sleeveless removable shirt. Completed with gloves, pads and belt, the look marries the smoothness of the structured leather and spandex with the rawness of the wet hair, beard and hairy torso creating what I think is is the most appealing look in pro-wrestling today.


Sometimes it’s not about the color not being right, but about the possibility of a better option. Being the covering color that it is, black just doesn’t seem like the best option when it comes to discern shadows and lights. Contrast is key when we something needs to be highlighted, and plain black is the worst option for it.

2014.12.21_Black_title_4Source: Beefcakes of Wrestling

We know Chris Dickinson (Guido Genatto) is a natural heel that would obviously pick some plain black trunks. But he’s also been naturally gifted with a bulge that needs to be admired.  Just look at the difference when he switched to red. Now tell me, in which color do you want to see that bounce!?



Because everything works in both ways, Shane Haste delicious ass-ets are better appreciated when he is wedgied while using his black trunks, which provide better contrast against his skin. If he would have been wearing his current orange trunks we probably wouldn’t even notice the difference!


There are guys that look good no matter what they choose. Black, white, blue or red. Spandex, lycra, pleather, nylon. Whatever AJ Styles chooses to wear I’m good with. He is one of my first wrestling crushes and even though he is not so gay-friendly, I still check on him once in a while to see what he’s up to. His most recent roughed-up look features a full black ensemble that is more than OK with me because it is cohesive and sexy as hell. I’m not going to lie though, I do miss the colorful full length tights and squarecuts!


So what to do then? If a wrestler looks well using any color,I guess he should used them with a purpose: wear a color to describe his current state of mind, wear it according to his role in the match or simply mix it up so we don’t get bored!


Joshua Goodman in plain black squarecuts? BLASPHEMY! Joshua Goodman in silver squarecuts? HEAVEN!


Guys packin’ like this should be prohibited of using anything black. Seriously, with so many other millions of colors to choose it’s a sacrilege that Mr. Joshua ever used plain black trunks. There is just no logical reason. Knowing how much he likes the attention I doubt he would like to conceal that monster by using black. So, does he want to establish dominance? Well, that’s why he’s got a gigantic bulge to show LITERALLY who is the bigger man! If you are a ‘big’ wrestler, don’t try to hide the obvious. Embrace it and let it be part of the show. Just burn your plain black trunks.


Yes, there is always an exception. My favorite look of Joe Mazetti? His signature plain black trunks. Of course this guy can wear plain trunks because if you dare to call him out about it he will just tear you apart. The trunks may be simple but they are a great fit as they are high at the thighs which makes him look taller. And still without enough contrast, you can see he is packing!


Some guys just have enough personality to shine through anything including a pair of boring trunks. Joe’s aggressive demeanor and alpha attitude made up for the simplicity of his gear. Personality is any wrestler’s best accessory.


Sometimes it’s not about the color at all, but about some thing in specific that drives you crazy. For me, it’s the jockstrap, but for you it can be anything else. Of course Davey Richards has never wrestled in a jockstrap (that we know of), but in homoerotic wrestling we get a lot of jockstrap action and I find myself drawn to it, even if it’s black, white, orange, red, blue or green. Put a hot sweaty guy in a jockstrap and everything I wrote so far becomes meaningless!


Again, this is all heavily based on my opinion and you are more than welcome to share if you agree or disagree with any of this. Do you like plain black trunks? Or how do you think a black gear look can be upgraded? finaldot



Encasillado: Guapos, con cara de tipos buenos que contrasta con el arte corporal que llevan en su cuerpo. Tienen cuerpos atléticos extraordinarios que son igualados sólo por su vulnerabilidad de convertirse en las víctimas. Pueden esconder sus rasgos bajo una barba, pero eso solo los hace más sexy.

Si, me vuelvo un pendejo cuando los veo. Al principio pensaba que era sólo por su apariencia, pero lo que realmente me atrae a estos tipos es el contraste entre cara de bueno/cuerpo de malo al igual que la ironía de lo capaz y vulnerable que son a la vez. Es esa sensación de balance, creada intencionalmente o no, lo que inicia la reacción fisiológica de mi cuerpo. Esta es la epifanía que he tenido al ver a Cal Bennett como portada del Catálogo 105 de BG East.

The Typecast: Pretty boys whose good-guy faces contrast with the presence of body art they proudly bear. They have extraordinary athletic bodies that are matched only by their vulnerability to be on the receiving end. They may hide they pretty faces under a beard, but that just makes them even more sexy. 

Yes, I’m a sucker for them.  First I thought it was just their looks, but what really attracts me to this type is the the “nice but rough” contrast, as well as the “skilled but vulnerable” conundrum.  It’s that fine balance, created intentionally or not, what ignites my body’s physiological reaction. This is the epiphany I had when I saw Cal Bennett as the coverboy for BG East’s Catalog 105



Su lucha será parte de la última entrega de HunkBash (Destrucción de Galanes), pero parece como si la hubieran sacado de Fantasymen, ya que se enfrenta a uno de los rudos más sexy que existen actualmente: Chace La Chance. He tratado de no ver las fotos en The Arena, pero se me ha colado una que otra y la verdad es que ahora no puedo esperar a ver toda la acción en DVD.

His match may be part of the latest HunkBash release, but it looks like it was taken out from Fantasymen series, as he is facing one of the hottest heels we have right now: Chace LaChance. I have tried not to look to The Arena pictures, but of course I saw two or three unintentionally, and now I just cannot wait for my DVD’s to arrive and finally see those bodies in action.

Y sólo para probarles mi fascinación por este tipo de hombre en particular (y hacer algo mientras llegan los DVD) aquí una pequeña compilación de luchadores que cumplen con los requisitos:

And now just to prove my fascination with this typecast (and to kill some time while the DVDs arrive) here is a short compilation of wrestlers that fulfill the requirements:


¿Tienen alguna sugerencia para añadir a la lista? ¡Déjenme saber!

You got any suggestion for this list? Let me know!



Joe en Ringside at Skull Island ha exitosamente creado una pandemia con el virus Shane Haste, que estoy seguro ha infectado a muchos incluyéndome a mi. Creo que me infecté por el hecho de que el australiano tiene mi combinación favorita: cara de niño y cuerpo de hombre. Pueden accesar aquí la colección de entradas por Joe para obtener los enlaces a las luchas de Shane.

Como parte de la fiebre he añadido a Shane en Twitter lo que también me ha enviado a su cuenta de Instagram. Ahí he descubierto lo más cercano a una cura, y me veo en la obligación de compartirlo con el resto de la humanidad.

Joe at Ringside at Skull Island has successfully started a pandemic with the Shane Haste virus, that has surely infected many, including myself. I’m sure I was infected because the Australian has one of my favorite combinations: the babyface with a man’s body. You can read the collection of entries by Joe were Shane is featured  and watch some of his matches here.

As part of the fever, I have added Shane on Twitter which has directed me to his Instagram account. There I have discovered the closest thing to a cure, and I feel I have to share it with the rest of humanity. 

Para manejar nuestros síntomas necesitamos una dosis de: /  To improve our symptoms we need a dose of:

Nutrición / Nutrition

Fuerza / Strength

 Dulzura / Sweetness

Resistencia / Resilience

 Autoestima / “Selfie-esteem”

Luz solar / Sunlight

Optimismo / Optimism

Tontería / Dorkiness

Arrogancia / Cockiness

Masculinidad / Manliness

¿Que la dosis no fue suficiente? Pueden seguir a Shane Haste en Instagram aquí. / This dose wasn’t enough for you? Well, you can follow Shane Haste on Instagram herefinaldot