Pierce Through My Underwear


“So… when do they start fucking?” That’s the question I got every single time I tried to introduce homoerotic wrestling videos to any of my closest friends. You may know by now that I’m more inclined to enjoy matches that fall somewhere between “PG-13” to “R”, so by the tenth minute mark all of my friends have questioned and even labeled gay wrestling as a “waste of money (and time)”. I have then had to explain why I love it so much and even defend my investment on it. In fact, that frustrating scenario was one of the catalysts to the birth of this blog but even here I have noticed how that need for “explicitness” has left its mark. It is those posts about matches which go beyond wrestling and into more sexual territory the ones that appear to grab the most views and become the most shared. That said, I can confidently predict this one will follow suit.

The opening of BG East’s Cockfight 2 is enough for me to, literally, explode. Both men stand up across each other arrogantly showing their weapons in a semi state (yes gentlemen, that’s just their semis) which still seems to stretch their gear to the limit. I can’t blame them: just watching Ray Dalton’s ultra-masculine looks also makes my cock almost pierce through my underwear too. With multiple tattoos, square-cut trunks, martial arts gloves(!), and a rugged, ripped body, Ray convincingly looks like a retired MMA fighter making his way into the underground wrestling scene ready to physically and sexually own anyone who dares to step in front of him. He repeatedly slaps his cock as a way to let the reigning champion know he’s up for the challenge. With pro-wrestling boots, mask and smooth, clear skin, Gold Shaft is a complete contrast from Ray, and while he also stands with confidence in front of the challenger, he does’t feel the need to show that much flare. His calculating silence is met by Ray’s sexy animalistic grunts as they meet on the center of the mat to rub their weapons in a preview of what’s to come.

With raging hard-ons that go on for the full match and a seemingly never-ending string of crotch abusive holds, Cockfight 2 definitely makes a case for more erotic-inclined wrestling videos in my library. As both wrestlers score submissions in this battle of cock endurance, both are pushed to the limit in a match that keeps heating up just when one would think they have reached their “peak”. 😉

The 45-minute video has a great narrative that is only broken by an unfortunate abrupt edit around 34:37. You can say the match is roughly 1/3 wrestling, 1/3 worship and 1/3 cockfight and as you could expect it’s no masterpiece in terms of wrestling skills and ability. But instead this match does much more in my opinion. With numerous contrasting undertones, this stand-alone product reminds us how many layers ‘wrestling’ can have and how it’s BG East the only producer that can effectively capture this catalog after catalog. You may look at it as masked wrestler vs MMA fighter, mystery vs reality, sport vs sex, but ultimately it is another bout of man vs man in what’s possible the most primal way to assert dominance.

I can’t tell you how much I like this match, and being honest, I have lost count of how many times I got off to it since I started watching and until I finished it. This is probably the type of match who would bring me and my “want-to-see-them-fucking” friends closer to common ground and perhaps start a “reverse getaway” process where they can  understand and feel what watching wrestling does to me too.

In my opinion, Cockfight 2 brilliantly fills that reserved spot for a XXX match in catalog 109 and I just hope we don’t have to wait four more year to experience something like it again. My score: 9 out 10 P molecules! finaldot