I just love when I get to see a match where I can’t pick a favorite beforehand. I LOVE to watch Nero as much as I LOVE watching Tito. I’d be equally happy to be wrapped by Nero’s powerful thighs as I’d be by being choked by Tito’s giant arms. Plus with latin blood flowing through their veins and the ability to throw some Spanish zingers, this match-up seems like it was custom made for myself!


Even when they are both equally sexy in my eyes there are huge differences between them. Tito has 4 inches, 20 pounds and a big, bouncy ass (that probably helps with leverage) on Nero which translates to a huge strength disadvantage that initially tips the scale to Tito’s favor. But what does Nero have? Nero has technique. And stamina. And a whole fuckload of confidence. This is a classic ‘strength vs skill’ match.

So how do you beat a guy that has 4″ and 20 pounds on you? Apparently, you wait. And wait. And then wait some more, until frustration builds-up and mistakes start to happen. Tito is all about power; ‘marroneando’ -using force to getting things done- as we say over here. That is what leads him to be in control control for probably more than 70% of the match and means that Nero has to endure being in tight spot after tight spot waiting for Tito’s defense to come down. It is his inability to seal the deal what provide Nero the opportunity to attack Tito’s weakest points and bring the big man down. I can’t tell if this was Nero’s game plan all along, but it’s surely a risky strategy that he pulls off successfully thanks to his stamina and skills.

Question is: should you watch? Well, watch if you like how sexy these boys are, if you like to see big butts bouncing, or if you like to see giants being taken down a notch (or, like, five). I can tell you I enjoyed it for those three reasons and MORE…

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From Zero to Nero


Ivan Karamazoff has a lot of intimidating traits. He is Russian. He is hairy. He is tall. He is wiry. He has an impressively bushy beard and a last name that’s very hard to pronounce. I’ll admit it. I’d think twice before stepping on any mat he’s in. However, La Sustancia P newest obsession, Nero Angelo is ready to take on the challenge with that deliciously-proportioned, tight, ripped body!

My pulse goes from zero to Nero in 5 seconds just from watching this stud stretching while wearing that bulging neon pink trunk. He just has all I like to see: great body, knowledge, talent, versatility and most importantly the eagerness to wear those really small trunks for our pleasure.😉 While Ivan is giving us the intimidating lumbersexual look, it is when they both appear together on screen that you realize Ivan’s only real advantage is his height. Nero matches his weight, and from what I have seen, he also matches his talent. As the match starts you can see them carefully testing each other, literally stretching and pressuring each other to see how far they can go. It is finally Nero who takes the first round, as he clamps an armbar on Ivan after a 4-minute fight for dominance that sets the tone for rest of the match.

This is one of those encounter where the intensity keeps building up every minute that goes by. Nero has to work fucking hard to keep Ivan down but still the Russian comes back every time with a reversal that comes very close to score. This is one of those matches where the final score doesn’t really tell the real story. For the most part, the submissions are very competitive. Even when everyone knows the Russian has no time left to pull a miracle, things keep getting better and better. In fact, those last five minutes are the best of the match and that last submission is the match’s highlight. Just picture one of these wrestler’s trunks riding really low -both in front and back- thanks to the struggle of 3 reversals, as he pulls his opponent’s arm as he tries to end it once and for all.

If you are not a Nero fan yet beware, you may also be looking for more of him after you finish watching this. Try watching in the glorious 4k resolution and he will probably get you from zero to Nero too! finaldot

Hidden Gem


“Alright, you know how it starts…”, says Eli Black. “I circle this way, you circle that way. You stare at me, I stare are you. I punch you in the face, you fall asleep. I win, hand is raised. Sounds good?” he recites, as if the words were part of his favorite poem. “No, not really”, replies Nero. “We might improvise a little bit.”, responds the full bodied hunk.

I’m not sure how this video slipped through my net. I had bought it weeks ago but I didn’t even remember that it was inside my “Downloads” folder. Then I remembered it features Eli Black, whom I have missed A LOT in recent months, and Nero Angelo, the hottest “ref” underground wrestling has ever seen. Angelo’s nicely proportioned bod seems almost to be double in mass compared to the leaner Black. Still, just from the preview video on UCW’s site, you could tell this is a pretty even match.

In fact, Nero’s weight advantage is easily neutralized by Eli’s brutality. On and on, Eli goes hard on Nero as he tries to keep him down and avoid letting him get on the offensive. But it becomes clear Nero is not just a ‘ref’. He can take a punch or two (or a slam or two for that matter) and comeback for more. He traps Black good and goes on to work over his bandaged right hand, exploiting his only apparent weakness.  Nero not only seems to be interested in beating Black, but also makes sure to enjoy the time he spends with his opponent as he goes on to caress Eli’s abs and check if there are at least six of them in there, only to be sexily forced to correct his count to 8 minutes later.

Back and forth they go, with a coat of sweat covering their bodies as they keep trying to break each other for more than 25-minutes (just so you have an idea, all the gifs here doesn’t even make it to the match’s halfway mark). As the match gets both fiercer and sexier, Black is forced to admit something. “Gotta give it to you, man. There’s very few people that make me get to this point.” It will take more than just their own bodies to settle the score as a rope and the actual ring bell are brought into the mat, making me wonder if someone should also admit he wasn’t enough to end his foe on his own.

I’m not sure if it is because I’m watching this with a refreshed mind after taking a break but I can tell you I LOVED watching this video. It mixes all the ingredients needed for a La Sustancia P favorite: lots hard-hitting action spiked with some brutality, more-than-just-implied sexyness throughout the match, great personas and well delivered dialog (specially from Black, as always) and the type of edge-of-your-seat ending I always want to see. Plus, it gives us Eli Black, whose appearances nowadays seem more an exception than the rule. His natural viciousness and flat out brutality are the stuff you can only get from movie’s supervillains. And then we got Nero who in his UCW debut (as a wrestler) proves he’s got the brawn to keep up with the best of their roster.

 UCW has done it again, making me remember to never underestimate the stuff that gets lost in the deepness of my “Downloads” folder and making me want to sort everything that’s in there so I can find another UCW hidden gem. finaldot