Simmering Delight


Previews for BG East Catalog 110 are already starting to pop-up in The Arena, but I just can’t let Catalog 109.3 pass by without talking about this match. The opening and closing of Florida Fights 5 are both highlights to me, but Ty Alexander vs Mason Brooks reminded of how overdue my praise for both Mason and Ty is. By now you may have read Bard’s excellent review of this match, with which I agree 110% and I recommend for you to do read it in case you haven’t yet. Bard’s piece truly leaves with little else to add, but still I will try to add some observations in order to give this performers what they deserve.

When both Ty and Mason debuted on BG East you could tell they were no ordinary ‘rookies’. We saw Ty first on Raunchy Rookies 7 in a match that could have easily been part of the X-Fight series. While we were told that he had “plenty of private wrestling experience under his belt” that didn’t necessarily had to translate into zero nerves, great selling and the ability to gush a creamy load even with a camera pointing on him. Mason, on the other hand, came roaring when he stepped for the first time in front of the BG East lens on Gazebo Grapplers 14. Looking too innocent to think of him as a possible threat, he fooled us all with his sweet looks by proving he could keep up with the brutal world of the most complete underground wrestling producer. Later we also knew he also had his “fair share of wrestling” before making his debut, but again, that shouldn’t necessarily had to translate into a successful appearance. Both of them seem to have been born ready for this, moving from serious to sexy to exxxtremely sexxxy with ease.

Their bout in Florida Fights surprised me because in my mind putting together their names meant that this was just going to be another “Pool Tournament” spin-off X-fight. But instead, the boys and BG East wisely decided to break the pattern and kept this one (relatively) clean, focusing instead in something even more sexier: pure physical and mental domination. After watching this video I just wanted Mason to own me just like he did with Ty: fucking with my mind by taking his time to both calculate and enjoy his choices of punishment. You can tell Mason spent days daydreaming about all the things he was going to do to Ty by watching the look of satisfaction on his face every time Ty screamed “I give!” A smart, calculating, sweet-looking, devilish man wrapped up in golden trunks, who’s ready to own me mentally and physically; that’s all I want for Christmas this year.

Yet at the same time, I also wanted to take Mason’s place and break the pain scale with BG East’s power jobber. Ty once again does what he does best: grunt and scream in agony while he’s repeatedly abused and manhandled. If you follow him through social media you may have noticed he is getting bigger, probably thinking that will probably help to break his bad luck but while we find out if that will work, this match gives us another chance to watch that sweet ass get destroyed and left out cold in the middle of the ring.

This to me is a simmering delight, moving slowly but keeping things hot, as Mason takes his time to complete his work, giving himself (and us) time to appreciate his first time inside the BG East ring. By the time the match ends I’m savoring Mason’s recipe for a sweaty end and yet I’m still in-love with Ty’s vulnerability. From any way you see it, it’s a win-win! finaldot