Tall, Ripped, Dark, Rugged


About two weeks ago Can-Am Wrestling released six new titles, including this little gem that has already won a blue square on this month’s releases recap. I’m talking about the Cameron Matthews-produced “I’ll Make You Suffer 6” which stars muscle god Kharn Alexander versus badass motherfucker Jimmy Jacobs.

I first knew about Jimmy Jacobs about three years ago, when I purchased an Adam Cole compilation DVD which featured a Cole vs Jacobs match from an indy promotion. At first I was all into watching the sexy hunk in all the matches I could, but his match against Jimmy was something else. I was surprised by Jimmy’s brutal ways as he was manhandling and flat out destroying the hunk. I even had to look twice to check I hadn’t gotten the DVD from an homoerotic wrestling production company instead. Imagine my surprise when I found out that is basically the same scenario we get in IMYS6.

Jimmy is warming up as he is is waiting for Kharn to arrive. Kharn arrives and he loosk like he literally came out of one of my (wet)dreams. Those who have read this blog for a while know that he ticks all the boxes on my checklist: ✓ tall, ✓ripped, ✓dark, ✓rugged, ✓tattoos, and a pair ✓shiny and ✓very, ✓very tight metallic trunks. He agrees to a little “sparring” to help Jimmy train before a big match. They start with the wrong foot when Kharn hits Jimmy with an elbow so he lets go of his arm. They start over again, but Kharn seems to like taunting the little guy by making use of excessive force. But this time Jimmy’s had it! He brings the big man down and starts working him to make him pay for trying to hurt him.

Jimmy’s repertoire for breaking the big guy includes eye gouging, cannibalistic bites and an extended crotch abuse section after Kharn claims “his cock is worth more than Jimmy’s whole life”. The poor hunk will feel how his manhood’s value is degraded again and again as Jimmy punches, stomps and presses his groin against one of the ring posts. But don’t think this is a full squash: Kharn also returns the favor to the badass, making him taste a bit of his own medicine when he gets the upper hand.

While I can get easily tired of watching clueless pretty boys being owned by the bad guys, it kinda feels like I can never get enough of  skilled-but-vulnerable specimens being owned by motherfuckers. Jimmy’s viciousness brings a sense of danger that eclipses Kharn’s presence, and as he demolishes and humiliates all of that impressive physique, IMYS6 becomes one of Can-Am highlights of the year so far.

“I’ll Make You Suffer 6”  is available in DVD in the Can-Am Store, as a Pay-Per-Minute in Can-Am.tv and as an Own-To-Cloud or rental in Can-AmOnDemand.com. My recommendation? GO with Can-Am On Demand whose outstanding quality is just unmatched in the industry. If you haven’t tried it before, here you have the best reason ever! finaldot




Me sorprendí al entrar a Can-Am.tv hace dos días como parte de la última revisión de la lista de los lanzamientos de octubre. Tres nuevos lanzam… momento, ¿no es ese…? ¿Kharn Alexander? ¡Si, lo es! ¡Es tiempo para una reseña de última hora!

I was surprised when I visited Can-Am.tv two days ago as a final check before publishing the list of releases for October. Three new relea… wait a minute. Isn’t that? Kharn Alexander? Yes it is! It’s time for a flash review!

El muy prácticamente títulado “Cheap Shots & Low Blows 1” (Trucos Sucios y Golpes Bajos 1)  no le dio elección a mi subconsciente porque antes de darme cuenta ya había sacado la tarjeta de crédito y estaba comprando más minutos sólo para ver esta joyita. La lucha es dirigida por nadie más que Cameron Matthews y fue publicada bajo la marca Cyberfights de Can-Am Wrestling. Su contenido no necesita mucha explicación, es una lucha marcada por los golpes bajos. Verán, hace una semana atrás Cameron Matthews lanzó un vídeo titulado “My nuts, bro!” siguiendo el tema de golpes bajos y también protagonizado por Kharn Alexander (bajo el nombre K.A.R.N). En ese vídeo, Kharn domina a gusto su oponente sin muchas consecuencias. Mi primera impresión es que esto era otra versión de la misma historia.

The very practically titled “Cheap Shots & Low Blows 1” didn’t give much of an option to my subconscious, because before I knew it I was whipping out my credit card and buying more minutes just to see this little gem. The match is directed by no one else than Cameron Matthews and was released under the Cyberfights brand of Can-Am Wrestling. Its contents do not need much of an explanation; it is a match full of low blows. You see, a couple of days ago, Cameron released a video titled “My nuts, bro!” based on the same theme and also starring Kharn Alexander (under the name of K.A.R.N.). On that video, Kharn dominates his victim at his will without much consequences. My first impression was that this match was another version of the same script.

Pero no, en esta producción ambos luchadores toman turnos castigando su hombría. Todo comienza con Kharn haciendo unos provocativos “tiger push-ups” mientras Nick lo observa desde el ringside. Nick sube al ring y le cuestiona sobre lo que está haciendo. Kharn le responde: “Yoga”. Asumiendo que Kharn podría estar haciendo algo más para mejorar sus técnicas en el ring Nick le ofrece enseñarle algunas movidas. Pero cuando Nick rodea con sus brazos la cintura de Kharn desde atrás, y se acerca demasiado, Kharn decide acabar la lección con una patada a las partes nobles. De ahí en adelante, ambos comienzan a tomar turnos en castigarse y no sólo con golpes bajos. Sólo uno sale del ring al final, pero cualquiera que sea lo hace cojeando del dolor.

But no, on this production both wrestlers take their turns receiving punishment on their groin area. Everything starts with Kharn, who is doing some tiger push-ups while Nick observes from ringside. Nick steps up to the ring and questions him about what he is doing. Kharn dryly responds “yoga”. Assuming Kharn could do more to improve his ring technique, Nick offers to show him some moves. But when Nick comes too close after wrapping his arms around Kharn’s waist, Kharn decides to end the lesson early with a back kick to Nick’s groin. From then, they both take turns into punishing each other, and just to be clear, not only with low blows. At the end, only one walks out of the ring, but whoever it is, he does leave the ring limping with pain. 

Lo Mejor (es lo más sexy) The Highlights (are the sexiest thing too) 

Lo que sabía antes de ver este video es que lo mejor de la lucha también sería lo más sexy. Kharn Alexander es la razón por la cual le añadí 110 minutos a mi cuenta de pague por ver. Él es otro de esos tipos lindos y tatuados de los que les hablé hace un par de entradas atrás, del tipo que me vuelve loco. He seguido a Kharn por algunos meses luego de descubrirlo en otro blog y tan pronto me di cuenta que vería a este espécimen rodando de dolor  en la lona de sabía que iba a disfrutar de este vídeo. Lo mejor (y lo más sexy) es ver a otro de estos tipos imponentes no sólo siendo dominante sino también siendo vulnerable.

Even before watching, I knew that the best thing about this video was also going to be the sexiest thing too. Kharn Alexander is the reason why I added 110 minutes to my pay-per-view account. He is another of those handsome tatted guys I talked to you about a couple of entries ago. Yes, that typecast that drives me crazy. I have followed Kharn for a couple of months now after being introduced to him in another blog. And as soon as I realized I was going to see this specimen rolling on the ring floor holding his crotch in pain, I knew this was going to be a treat. The best (and sexiest) thing is to see another of this imposing guys not only being dominant, but being vulnerable too.

Y pueden darme a Nick Justice en en cualquier momento y no tampoco me quejo. No estará tan cortado como su oponente, pero Nick le gana en personalidad y carisma. El tipo tiene verborrea y se encarga de dominar a Kharn no sólo física sino también mentalmente. Y como les conté, no todo es golpes bajos en esta lucha. También vemos humillaciones de otra manera:

And you can give me Nick Justice any time and I’ll gladly keep him. He may not be as ripped as his opponent, but Nick wins in the personality department.  The guy talks a mean game and makes sure to dominate Kharn no only physically but mentally as well. Don’t miss out him belting a Cher song while keeping Kharn in a fig-4 hold! And as I said before, not everything is low blows in this match. We also have other forms of humiliation:

Como si esto no fuera suficiente les comento que mientras la lucha progresa y siguen ocurriendo los reversos, el castigo se vuelve más cruel:

As if this wasn’t enough I warn you that as match goes the punishment becomes more cruel: 

Y mi parte preferida: al minuto 4:45 viene una de las mejores imágenes de la lucha con Nick aplastando la hombría de Kharn mientras lo tiene atrapado en la esquina.

And my favorite part: at the mark of 4:45 comes one of the best images of the match, with Nick crushing Kharn’s manhood while he has him trapped in a corner.

En Conclusión  The Bottom Line

Aún con un final poco entusiasta, espero que esta lucha sea lanzada en formato DVD o On-Demand y pronto, porque va directo a mi colección. No sorprende que este material venga del ahora productor Cameron Matthews. Si Cameron… necesitamos hablar de él.

Even with a bit of an underwhelming finale, I’m waiting for this match to be released on DVD or On-Demand and soon, because it’s going right into my collection. It is not surprising this material comes from the wrestler-turned-producer Cameron Matthews. Yes, Cameron… we need to talk about him. 

Cheap Shots & Low Blows 1 al momento sólo está disponible en el sistema pague-por-ver de Can-Am Wrestling, Can-Am.tv y Cyberfights.tv pero pronto debe estar disponible para ser alquilada o comprada a través de CanAmOnDemand.com y la tienda de Can-Am.

Cheap Shots & Low Blows 1 is available only through Can-Am Wrestling pay-per-view system Can-Am.tv  and Cyberfights.tv for now, but should be available soon for rent or to buy through CanAmOnDemand.com and the Can-Am store. finaldot