The Reilly Massacre


Aron is becoming Movimus serial killer winner. He is taking down giants at will, with ease and without regrets. First was Dave Markus and now he is chopping another mountain of muscles when he takes on Jimmy Reilly. And this time it is The Reilly Massacre.

This match is part of Movimus’ “World Series” match which are intended to last as long as the wrestlers can take it. This usually means long, long battles, so you may be shocked by the time length of this video. In fact, at first I thought my video had failed to download completely. But don’t be mistaken. Although the match is pretty short, there is enough action to call it a match.

Jimmy does have his chances to chalk up a submission but Aron is just too much for him. He has enough resistance to endure Jimmy’s holds and enough energy to escape and the proceed to smoothly trap Jimmy afterwards. In the process, Jimmy is given two very hot close-up views of Aron ass. Yes, less than 10 minutes are enough for Aron to overwhelm Jimmy by racking 4 submissions and leaving him with nothing but humiliation and a very tight throat.

And to celebrate Aron status as Movimus “man to beat” and his latest victory, here’s a picture of Aron’s pre-match stretching! (Just so you know that’s a real size screencap from the match.)


Now let’s see who is brave enough to challenge Aron next! finaldot

50 Times Better


Sometimes I just can’t find the time to watch Movimus matches. Since they do not involve backstories, gimmicks or much of a set-up, I kind feel necessary for me to be in the right mood to be able to immerse myself into the action. With real life being kicking my ass lately, it is just now that I get to press play, and boy, do I wish I had watched this one before.

Algunas veces no encuentro el tiempo para ver los videos de Movimus. Ya que no envuelven tramas, ganchos, or mucha fanfaria, siento que es necesario verlas en el momento correcto para poder adentrarme de lleno en la acción. Con la vida real pateándome el trasero últimamente, es ahora que tengo el chance de verla y, la realidad, es que desearía haberla visto antes.

Jimmy Reilly, who is bigger than ever, is back at Movimus looking for revenge against Dave Markus, who beat him convincingly the first time they met. According to the stats, Jimmy has gained 40 pounds of powerful muscle mass, meaning he is almost 50 pounds heavier than his opponent. Yes, even I was fearing for Dave’s well-being, just until the match started. It turns out such gains will cost Jimmy as he finds out how much speed and resistance you have to sacrifice in order to get that big.

Jimmy Reilly, quien está más grande que nunca, esta de vuelta en Movimus buscando venganza contra Dave Markus, quien le ganó convincentemente la primera vez que se encontraron. De acuerdo a las estadísticas, Jimmy ha ganado 40 libras de poderosa masa muscular, lo que lo pone 50 libras más pesado que su oponente. Sí, hasta yo estaba preocupado por el bienestar de Dave, justo hasta que empezó la lucha. Resulta que Jimmy va a descubrir lo mucho que tuvo que sacrificar en rapidez y resistencia para lograr estar así de grande.

Dave manhandles the muscle beast in front of him however he likes, making Jimmy submit tap after tap, without giving him a chance for true revenge. Jimmy may be 50 pounds heavier but Dave seems to be 50 times better. There is only one instance in the whole match in which Jimmy has control of things, and you know how Dave deals with it? Yeah, with a big smile on his face.

Dave maltrata a la bestia musculosa que tiene de frente de la manera que le da la gana, haciendo que Jimmy se rinda vez tras vez, sin darle una oportunidad real para la revancha. Jimmy será 50 libras más pesado, pero Dave parece ser 50 veces mejor. Sólo hay un momento en la lucha cuando Jimmy parece tener control del encuentro y, ¿saben cómo Dave sale de él? Sí, con una gran sonrisa en su cara.

Forget about the Dave’s enormous bulge. The best (and sexiest) thing about this one is Dave’s rising confidence as he makes Jimmy tap over and over. Just look for the signs on Dave’s face on all of these gifs, specially this one when his eyes can’t break away from the face of Jimmy, enjoying his opponent’s struggle as he crushes any willing to fight left in him.

Olvídense del bulto enorme de Dave. Lo mejor (y lo más sexy) de esta lucha es la creciente confianza de Dave mientras hace rendir a Jimmy una y otra vez. Sólo busquen las señales en la cara de Dave en todos estos gifs, especialmente este que está abajo donde sus ojos no se separan de la cara de Jimmy, disfrutando de su sufrimiento mientras destruye la voluntad que le queda para luchar.

If you have fanatically followed Dave Markus since his debut then you need to own this one as it is evidence of his evolution at Movimus. It will give you even more reasons to be a fan and by the end of it you will also feel proud of him too.

Si han seguido a Dave Markus desde su debut entonces tienen que tener este video ya que es evidencia de su evolución en Movimus. Verlo le dará aún más razones para ser un fan y al final probablemente también se sentirán orgullosos de él. finaldot

Holiday Heat Wave

Templates_MovimusReviews_title2014.12.24_MW_MarkusReilly_2 When I saw the names of the wrestlers involved in Movimus I felt like a sudden heat wave was hitting my city in the middle of December. I felt, um, THIRSTY. REALLY THIRSTY. I mean, how does Movimus expect me to watch Dave Markus vs Jimmy Reilly in one seating with such THIRST? I told to myself “whenever you are going to see this one you need a big bottle of water. Water and a box of Kleenex..  in case you spill any of it.”

Dave meets Jimmy after a couple of rough matches: one in which he was controlled by Doug Acre and another in which he dominated Trip Townsend but didn’t have a score difference to show for it. Now against Jimmy he has his hands, arms and legs full of big round muscle to control. Meanwhile, Jimmy is looking to improve his personal record after being schooled in a couple of his outings. A win over Movimus’ newest golden boy might not only help to cut back the difference of his win/ loss ratio, but earn a little bit of the respect he may have lost after being on the short end for most of his matches.

So then you can understand why Jimmy jumps into controlling Dave right away. We all have seen how quick Dave is and how that can be a problem for the bigger guy. Jimmy quickly succeeds and we see Dave trapped inside a headlock with Jimmy’s GIGANTIC bicep crushing his neck. “Oh, oh..”, it’s what comes to my mind, “this doesn’t look good”. It’s basically all Jimmy for the first round until Dave powers out and goes for a (very intimate) rear choke. However, you can see Jimmy is thinking and after finding a way to escape he overpowers Dave and and traps him in a choke that paints desperation all over his face.

It’s Jimmy 1, Dave 0; but not for long.  In less that 40 seconds after the end of the first round, Dave has the big guy submitting in a front-face headlock. Once again, GO TEAM MARKUS!!!

Guys, this is another thriller. Down to the last two and a half minutes and we don’t really have a clear winner. So be ready. Take your blood pressure pills. And make sure you have some water and those Kleenex, ’cause if you enjoy this one as much as I did by the time we have the winner you will also be dehydrated.

The Best Thing About It

These two keep head to head for a total of 7 submissions! Was this a ‘World Series’ match and we didn’t know? Such a fast paced match with so many submission is not the standard over Movimus, so I guess they knew they had something really good when they finished taping this one. No surprise they decided to release this little masterpiece now, ending their year on such a high note!

Both wrestlers give us  good show of their strenght. Like in 12:42 when Jimmy uses his arms to get a pained grunt out of Dave.

And Dave seems to be perfecting his choke game. He gets Jimmy a couple of times, and is just a matter of seconds before Jimmy submits to them once he’s trapped.

The Sexiest Bits

A match like this just can’t be downloaded and watched in one sitting. This 20 minute video took me a full hour to watch. Not a single word is uttered on this one. But still it is close and feels so intimate. Such a good thing when you watch two big guys being so comfortable.


Dont’you miss what happens after the final (and sexiest) submission at 20:03. One of the wrestlers trunk is lowered by his opponent’s body, unintentionally. The image of the loser readjusting his trunk after his defeat is so, so sexy.

And, yeah, of course, how can I forget about this:

Fuck, get me some of those Kleenex!

Just A Little Bit Less

I love the use of filters in Movimus productions as it gives it a distinctive look, but this time I found it being a little bit distracting, particularly when it came in contrast with Jimmy’s skin. At moments, when his body is near the borders of the screen, his skin looks yellowish, and for someone who can become too focused on details it becomes one of those thing you can’t unsee. The solution may be simple. Just reducing the intensity of the filter should be enough to avoid the distracting contrast against lighter skin.

The Bottom Line

A superb pre-holiday gift from Movimus, with one of the fastest paced, most exciting matches I have seen from them.  And follow my advice: take it slow, be hydrated and keep your tissues ready!

Celebrate The Holidays

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