The Horrors of Patience


I used to think of myself as being VERY patient. I deal with stressful situations basically everyday, so I believed that it would take a lot for me to lose my cool. But one of the things that I’m reevaluating since learning to appreciate real wrestling is how much more patience I could develop. I say so because things like the sole thought of having a calf pressed over my face while my arm is being hyperextended makes me want to give up.

That is exactly one of the scenes in ‘Aron Stokes vs Doug Acre‘, released by Movimus about a week ago. It is just one of the many scenes in this video in which the wrestler’s thresholds are subjected to the matters of time. In fact, the whole match seems to be about the horrors of patience: the anxiety of waiting for the right moment to attack and the danger of waiting too long for the right moment to escape. At the beginning you see how well they can handle it. But then as we move closer to the second half of the match you can start to notice the frustration of not finding a break and the desperation of not finding a way out.

As the match progresses, one wrestler ditches the patience and embraces rage, with the frustration ad aggressiveness finally giving him a chance at success. By the end, we have a clear winner, but the tension is palpable and instead of ending with a forced end-of-match handshake, this one should have ended with a face to face declaration of war.


This pairing take the concept of thriller to another level, but is Doug who seems to be the master at keeping me in the edge of my seat. While I’m suffocated while he’s being trapped by Aron, you may find him calmly assessing the right moment to counter. That is when I clench my teeth, wondering if pain or frustration will ever get him or if he will be able to escape before it’s too late. Doug is possibly the best pornboy-wrestler cross-over we have ever seen.

A Right & A Wrong….

RIGHT! Movimus features some of the best use of their high resolution camera in this video. Take a look at this moment when both wrestlers resume the action after one of the submissions:

The camera focused on the wrestlers against the blurry background captures the closer, more intimate concept of their products. The technique is not 100% on all the time as the dynamic nature of the action requires constant adjustment to focus and aperture, but when it happens and you hve that gigantic image in front of you, it feels like you are standing on the mat with them!

WRONG! As soon a I pressed play, I started to check all my open tabs on Chrome seeking the source of some Disney-like music, thinking it was an ad running in the background. To my surprise, I found out that the music was coming from the video as it was part of the wrestlers pre-match stretch. Imagine watching Doug Acre adjust the bulge on his briefs as he stretches to the Peter Pan soundtrack. I understand if Movimus wants to change it up a little bit, but this particular tune does not really fit their product. Let’s just go back to the others please!

And Some Sexiness!

As always, be ready for the eye candy during the the pre-match stretching. Kudos for the “Plain Black” look done right!

And watch out for a small second of some sexy grinding at 25:07!

The Bottom Line

A really good match that speaks to me about patience, and how sometimes the most scary thing in life can be deciding just to hold on.

Aron Stoke vs Doug Acre at Movimus Wrestling » finaldot

El Experimento

The Experiment


Movimus Wrestling cumple dos de mis deseos con su más reciente vídeo. El primero era traer de vuelta a Dave Markus, a quien no me canso de ver en acción y que ya extrañaba después de 3 lanzamientos sin verlo. Y el segundo era un deseo que pensaba nunca se haría realidad hasta que vi un adelanto en su página de internet semanas atrás. Se trata de poder ver a Doug Acre, reconocido por su trabajo en otra compañía, en una lucha estrictamente competitiva. Verán, si algo identifica a Doug es su intensidad y estámina, con la cual ha logrado mantener una marca invicta en sus luchas sencillas (la historia en luchas en parejas es otras). Doug ha ganado esas luchas claramente y de manera muy abierta, por lo que siempre he tenido la curiosidad de saber como le iría en un escenario donde no acumule puntos por quitarle el jockstrap a su oponente. La intensidad de Doug es comparable con la que ha mostrado Dave en las tres luchas que lleva al momento en Movimus, por lo que el encuentro promete. La pregunt es: ¿podrá el chico porno mantenerse en competencia en un escenario de lucha competitiva sin libreto? Aunque conozco a ambos luchadores, no me atrevo a hacer una hipótesis. Mejor dejo que Movimus lleve a cabo el experimento para darnos la respuesta.

Movimus Wrestling fulfills two of my wishes with their latest video. The first one is to bring back Dave Markus, whom I can’t get tired of watching in action and I was already missing. And the second one is a wish I thought it may have never come true until I saw a tease on their webpage a couple of weeks ago. My wish was to see Doug Acre, known for his career at another wrestling site, in a strictly competitive match. You see, if something characterizes Doug is the intensity and stamina he brings to the mat, which are key for the undefeated run he has so far on singles matches (it’s another story in tag team matches though). Doug has won his matches clearly and by a wide margin triggering my curiosity about how would he do without the added ‘jockstrap-over-the-head” bonus points. Now, I’m really excited to watch these two, because Doug’s intensity is comparable to what Dave has shown on his three matches so far. The question is: will the pornboy be able to hold his own in an unscripted competitive scenario? I have followed both wrestlers but surprisingly, I don’t feel able to make a hypothesis. I feel more like letting Movimus perform the experiment and have them give us the answer.

La lucha comienza y es Doug quien toma control inicial deteniendo el ímpetu que hemos visto previamente en Dave. Oh, oh, este libreto ya yo lo he visto antes. Doug se monta encima de Dave y luego de aguantar la ráfaga de posibles reversos comienza a buscar oportunidades de ataque. En algunas ocasiones logra la ejecución, pero los brazos y las piernas de Dave son lo suficientemente fuertes como para darle tiempo a escapar. Ya casi para mitad de la lucha la situación sigue siendo la misma hasta que por fin aparece una oportunidad para Dave. Mis latidos aumentan mientras el experimento se convierte en otro irresistible  ‘thriller’ sobre quién logrará obtener una rendición.

The match starts and it’s Doug who takes control of the action, stopping Dave’s previously seen starting-minutes momentum. Uh-oh, I have seen this before. Doug mounts Dave and after holding Dave’s flurry of possible reversals he starts looking for breaches to attack. He actually locks Dave in a couple of moves, but the bigger guy has enough strenght in his arms and legs to win him time to escape. The situation continues until the match’s half-point when an opportunity appears for Dave. My heart rate is now through the roof and the experiment becomes another irresistible thriller about who would grab a submission.


Lo Mejor Highlights

Lo que más me gusto aquí es cuando finalmente se rompe el silencio con signos verbales de dolor. Dos momentos que resaltar: en el primero al minuto 10:48 alguien comienza a respirar rápido y profundo cuando su cabeza está pillada en los (magníficos) brazos de su oponente y en el segundo, la pierna de uno de nuestros luchadores queda atrapada bajo el peso del otro en el minuto 16:08 mientras se queja del dolor en cada una de sus exhalaciones. Lo que aún me sigue impresionando es como Doug, aún siendo el más pequeño en tamaño, repite la hazaña de mantener al hombre grande a la defensiva. Ya al final de la lucha, Dave parece entender que lo más que le conviene es mantenerse sellado, cerrado a evitar cualquier oportunidad de ataque, en reconocimiento a las destrezas de su oponente.

What I liked the most here is when someone finally breaks the silence with verbal signs of pain. Two moments to highlight: the first one at 10:48 when someone starts breathing quick but heavily after his head is trapped between his opponent’s (magnificent) arms and  the second one at 16:08  when the leg of one our wrestlers is trapped under the weight of his opponent while we hear the pain in each of his exhalations. What keeps impressing me too is how Doug, being he smallest one of both, repeats the feat of keeping his man on defensive move. During the final second, Dave realized that the most convenient thing to do is to keep his extremities as close as possible, shutting down any opportunity for an attack in clear acknowledgement of his opponents skills.


Lo + Sexy The Sexiest Bits

Hace un tiempo le pregunté a la producción de Movimus sobre como se asignaban las trusas a sus luchadores. Particularmente me refería a Dave Markus, ya que sin duda es el portador de las trusas más provocativas de todo el catálogo de la compañía. Bueno pues resulta que aparenta ser el propio Dave el que las escoge, y se nota lo cómodo que está en ellas. Aún muchos luchadores con ese mismo cuerpo no se atreverían a utilizar algo similar. Pónganse bien sus espejuelos y disfruten de la selección de Dave en esta lucha. Yo seré agnóstico, pero pasé lso 2 minutos de estiramiento de Dave agradeciendo a Dios por el diseñador que hizo ese bikini. Y Doug estará usando una trusa regular, pero todos ya hemos visto lo que se carga, y tampoco lo puede ocultar.

Some time ago I asked Movimus production about how the wrestler’s gear was selected. It was a clear reference to Dave Markus, as he sports Movimus’ skimpier gear. Their response was that it is Dave the one who picks his own gear, and it shows in how comfortable he seem to be in them. Many wrestlers wouldn’t even dare to wear something similar. Get your bulge-watching glasses on and enjoy Dave’s selection on this one. I may be agnostic, but I spent Dave’s 2-minutes pre-match stretching thanking god for the designer who made that bikini. And Doug may be using a regular trunk, but we all have seem what he carries inside. 

La paciencia de Doug se muestra en varias ocasiones cuando se da el tiempo de estudiar a su oponente. A veces Doug mira a Dave como si trataran de entrar en su mente a leer sus pensamientos y adivinar sus próximas movidas. Dave, ya en posición defensiva, se mantiene cerrado creando un posicionamiento más que sugestivo. Son momentos que, voluntariamente o no, se desbordan en intimidad. Mejor les muestro:

Doug’s patience is shown at several times, as part of his method include a through study of his opponent. Sometime Doug watches Dave as if he would like to enter his mind and read his thoughts in a bet to guess his next moves. Dave, already in a defensice position, tries to keep his extremities close, creating some positioning that end up being very suggestive. These moments, volutarily or not, are overflowing with intimacy. I think it is easier to show you:

Conclusión Bottom Line

Movimus logra ponerme al borde de la silla otra vez mientras espero por una rendición.  En la escuela graduada mi grupo tenía el chiste regular de la frase con la cual terminabamos cada artículo investigativo: “…más investigación es necesaria para confirmar los resultados”. Pues en esta Movimus nos debe una revancha definitiva. Después de todo, al menos ahora sí tenemos una hipótesis para este experimento.

Movimus brings me to the edge of my seat again. On grad school we had this ongoing joke about the ending of all research articles stating “…more research is needed in order to confirm the results”. Well, on this one Movimus owes us a rematch. After all, now we do have an hypothesis for this experiment.

Bonus HOT gif!

Evidencia que no se necesita un ‘Round de Sexo. Evidence we do not need a ‘Sex Round”.


Otra vez lo mismo

Here We Go Again

Me levanto en la mañana y lo primero que hago es hacer desayuno. Mientras mi avena está lista doy mi ronda usual por las páginas de internet y me encuentro esto: / I wake up this morning and the first thing I do is prepare breakfast. While my oatmeal is done I go and check all of my bookmarks and I find this:


El propio autor de la publicación describe la lucha en el segundo comentario como: “Dave Markus vs. Doug Acre (¡Lucha aún no publicada! )”. / In the second comment, the author of the post lists the match as: “Dave Markus vs. Doug Acre (Match not released yet ! )”.

¡¡¿Qué???!! ¡¿Doug Acre?! ¿Éste Doug Acre? / What???!! Doug Acre?! Like, THIS Doug Acre?!


¿Doug “The Destroyer” Acre? ¿Mi luchador favorito de  Naked Kombat  que está invicto en combates uno contra uno? / Doug “The Destroyer” Acre? My favorite wrestler from Naked Kombat who is undefeated on 1-on-1 matches?


O sea, ¿cuantós luchadores llamados “Doug Acre”  pueden haber?): / Like, how many wrestling “Doug Acre“s can there be?


No creo que esto salga pronto a la luz, ya que Movimus tiende a no repetir los luchadores entre lanzamientos consecutivos. Probablemente veamos a Doug contra otro luchador primero. Pero de todas maneras, yo ya estoy salivando. / I’m not expecting this to see the light of day soon, as Movimus does not repeat wrestlers between consecutive releases. We will probably see Doug against other wrestler first. Anyway, I’m already salivating. finaldot