Go For The Throat


So Dave Markus brings another of his friends to Movimus! His name is Ray Mousi and he’s a sexy mountain of muscles. Actually, he dwarfs Dave as he has 12 pounds on Movimus’ golden boy. Right out of the bat Movimus tells us that Ray has “little wrestling experience”, so I assume that Ray’s plan is to use all that power to put down Dave. We know Dave is all about speed and energy so the intriguing question here is: does Ray have enough strength to control the energetic Dave?

The 21-minute match starts with an opening round that may make you fibrillate. Just as I expected, it is a showdown between power and speed, as both men desperately try to gain the advantage as they seem to be matched in fortitude. Dave has just a bit more luck, as his speed lets him elude most of Ray’s advances enabling to him to get more chances to trap the bigger man. But still, Ray’s power is enough to make Dave back down again and again turning Dave’s energy into frustration.


Dave intelligently changes his strategy when he figures out that although the massive hunk may have an advantage in strength, he is lacking in the speed department.  He lets the red-cladded hunk take control for a while, confident enough that he’ll be able to resist any attack and his gamble pays off. After 8 excruciating minutes, Dave locks in a rear naked choke that leaves mighty Ray gasping for air.

Dave’s motto then turns to ‘go for the throat’. He retreats while planning his attack to confuse his counterpart. Then, just like a lion, Dave calculate his moves to ambush his prey and decidedly and repeatedly tries to cut Dave’s air supply. He even gets cocky as his strategy turns out to be effective in a bid to also crush his opponents ego.

So can Ray bounce back and claim some revenge? There are another 2 submissions in this great match for him to try, but if I were you, I wouldn’t hold my breath for it (yes, pun intended!).

Don’t miss how Dave introduces yet another great find to the cruel world of real submission wrestling of Movimus ! finaldot

The Markus Massacre


It feels like more often than not Movimus ends their match descriptions with the promise of a rematch. Personally, I love rematches. They are a chance for the wrestlers to re-write history and a chance to change our perceptions. This video is a clear example of this, and Movimus delivers big with Stokes vs Markus II.

Aron welcomed Dave to Movimus Wrestling back in July 2014. The only thing we knew about Dave was that he was (well, IS) in sick shape, had some background in dancing but not much experience in submission wrestling. I thought that was going to be a massacre, as the skilled Aron would have moped the floor with the newbie who didn’t know what he had gotten into. But to our surprise, that was a pretty even match that ended up in a 2-2 tie and highlighted the potential of the back-then rookie. Eleven matches after that and here we are, surprised once again, as what everyone expected to be an very close match resulted in a massacre; “The Markus Massacre”. Let me give you a little recap.

It all starts with Dave quickly gaining control, using his legs and his power to put tons of pressure over Aron to the point of leaving him with a bloody nose. Dave gets cocky, smiling when Aron orders him to tap and shaking his head to let everyone know he is not feeling the pressure.


The first round is as long as it is intense. Aron’s nose incident just seems to fuel his will to crush the man who inexplicably tied with him on his debut. Dave keeps using his power, but Aron’s skills and knowledge prove even more dangerous. It takes more than 12 intense minutes for Aron to extract the first submission and inaugurate the scoreboard, but after that it is like it the floodgates are opened and submissions start pouring! Minute after minute Dave ends up suspended…



…and stretched as Aron annihilates the bronze god t0 show him who’s the man.

So, how many times does Dave submit? You have to watch to find out! If you love big guys being broken, this is the Movimus match for you. It is the real life version of the “Hunkbash”scenario that we love to fantasize with. Even hotter if you ask me, thanks to the unscripted nature and the competitive spirit that reigns all over Movimus’ mats.

The verdict? An outstanding performance by Aron and a piece that explains why Dave has now become almost an iconic part of the Movimus brand. And if you need another reason to watch this, here it is: Dave’s gear!  I hereby give you two extra gifs in case you are still not convinced:

Now, who’s up for Stokes vs Markus III? finaldot



Question: Aren’t this the hottest bodies we have ever seen at Movimus? I can’t give a definitive answer on that one, but definitely there are not many wrestlers in the Movimus roster that can match the aesthetics ofDave Markus and Julio Vargas. And it turns out they are gym buddies! What would I give to train with both of them too!

Pregunta: ¿Serán estos los mejores cuerpos que hayamos visto en Movimus? No puedo dar una respuesta definitiva, pero definitivamente no hay muchos luchadores en el roster de Movimus que puedan compararse a la estética de Dave Markus y Julio Vargas. ¡Y también resulta que son compañeros de entrenamiento! ¡Que no daría para entrenar con ellos!


The friendliness in these match is obvious. You can even see the guys smiling and laughing in between submissions. Everything seems normal as the match just goes how you expect it too: Julio trying to trap Dave, and Dave getting out of trouble before it’s too late. Then when he seems comfortable enough he goes for the kill.

La amistad en esta lucha es obvia. Hasta pueden ver a ambos sonriendo y riéndose entre rendiciones. Todo se ve normal mientras la lucha va tal cual uno esperaría: Julio tratando de atrapar a Dave y Dave escapándose justo antes de que sea muy tarde. Luego, cuando está suficientemente cómodo ataca a matar. 

It seems like the history of Julio’s first two appearances is going to repeat itself as Dave scores again and again. But then, with less than 7 minutes remaining, Julio returns with his “venganza”!

Parece que la historia de las primeras dos apariciones de Julio va a repetirse cuando Dave logra sacar una rendición tras otras. Pero entonces, con sólo 7 minutos quedando en el reloj, ¡Julio regresa con su venganza!

Using his legs, Julio brings the pain to his dear friend, even making him scream as he works his way to even up the score. Then these two reach the final and decisive round for a nail-biting finish that will also be decided by the leg power of one of these wrestlers.

Usando sus piernas, Julio le trae el dolor a su querido amigo, haciéndolo gritar mientras logra emparejar el marcador. Entonces ambos llegan al round final, para un final no apto para cardiacos que también será decidido por el poder de las piernas de uno de estos luchadores.

Bulges, physiques and non-stop thrilling action: what more can you ask for? A rematch, of course! And this time Movimus is letting us select the gear!!!! Go VOTE NOW! (Suggestion: ALL THE WAY TO THE LEFT!)

Bultos, cuerpos y acción que no se detiene: ¡¿que más se puede pedir?! ¡La revancha, por supuesto! ¡Y esta vez Movimus nos está dejando seleccionar las trusas! ¡Vayan y VOTEN AHORA! (Sugerencia: LOS DE LA EXTREMA IZQUIERDA!)