KOTR5: The King Speaks


Once again, Austin Cooper, reigning King of the Ring, speaks exclusively to La Sustancia P as he is about to face Bruce Ballard on his first title defense. Enjoy this exclusive interview with the King of underground wrestling as part of the Special Coverage of KOTR5.

Welcome back to La Sustancia P Austin! We had a chance to hear from you a couple of months ago just before snatching the KOTR title from Dash Decker. That helped you to partially close a chapter of your RHW career as both Dash and Bruce Ballard were responsible for one of the most humiliating beatings you’ve suffered. Now, how does it feel to have a chance to close that chapter all together by facing Bruce once again after your handicap match loss?

It feels like justice is about to be served. Just look at what I did to Dash. Notice that nobody has heard a peep from Dash ever since I got my revenge. I humiliated his punk ass so he has vanished and now it is time to do the same to Bruce!

When you first wrestled Bruce it was just his second appearance. This is actually the fourth time you are fighting each other and now Bruce has much more experience. What do you think is his most dangerous skill or attribute? How do you plan to stop him?

Bruce might have a little more experience now but he will never have the experience that I have. I am the King of the Ring and I’ll be damned if Bruce is going to be the one to change that. I have noticed that he likes to put people in a body scissors and he is pretty good at it, but not as good as me. To stop him, I plan to destroy his legs and make him feel crippled.

How do you plan to torture and finish Bruce this time, considering your first match had one of the most brutal endings RHW has seen? Will you try to top that?

Oh you think that was brutal? Just wait to see what I have in store for this punk. Bruce isn’t the most flexible but he sure is going to look like it once I get a hold of him. Just watch the match once it happens and you’ll see what I mean.

What’s your prediction? How many rounds will it take you to win the match?

This kid is a joke and I’m still pissed about him and Dash teaming up on me. My prediction, aka what WILL happen, is that Bruce is going to get his ass whooped and he is going to wish he never stepped in that ring with me. Yeah sure, he’s a tough guy at times so maybe he will get 1 round in his favor if I get fatigued, 2 rounds in his favor max but that’s unlikely. That first round is mine no matter what, I’m coming out with rage.

What will it mean for you to defeat Bruce again and retain the King of the Ring title?

It will mean a lot to me to retain my King of the Ring title. It will show how dominant I am right now and I don’t know who could even stand a chance as my next match up after Bruce.

For how long do you plan to be the reigning King?

I plan on retaining my title until I decide to retire, which is going to be a while. Who wants to challenge me next after Bruce!?!? I’ll destroy you all!

And finally, do you have a direct message for Bruce… 

HA! HA! HA! All I can do is laugh at you, you’re a fool! Let me know when you find Dash, hopefully he isn’t too crippled. Either way you two are about to be a mirror image (crippled) once I get a hold of you!


Thank you Austin! Now keep checking La Sustancia P for the final poll results and a final exclusive sneak peek coming tomorrow morning. And remember to be ready when King of the Ring 5: Bruce Ballard vs Austin Cooper is released tomorrow in the afternoon! finaldot

KOTR5: The Story So Far…


‘King of the Ring 5″ will be the fourth time Bruce Ballard and Austin Cooper meet on the RHW ring. That means that there is a lot of stuff these young men have done to each other and they definitely have a grudge to settle on next Wednesday’s match. Let’s take a deeper look at the events leading to this mega-match so we can have a better understanding of what’s at stake on KOTR5.

Bruce Ballard vs Austin Cooper: ‘House of Bruce’

Back in November 2014 Bruce faced Austin for the first time on just his second ever appearance. It was a bit like throwing him to the lions, but Bruce had showed huge potential and many, including myself thought he had what it takes to beat the veteran…

And so it all started, with an even match in which we got to see and know more from the absolutely gorgeous newbie. Only on his second match and already giving us what we like to see, he surely worked Austin good even showing some cockiness in between…

But with 20 matches under his belt already, Austin had a trick or two (or ten) to deal with everything Bruce had to throw his way. What Bruce insisted on calling the “House of Bruce” turned into a “house of horrors” with one of the most evil residents he could ever find inside. Austin knew this house as the palm of his hand…

..and that helped him to put an end to this match in a way only a person who has been around a lot of time around could. Using some in-house props, Austin finished Bruce in one of the most brutal ways that RHW has even seen! It is so good that I can’t spoil it for you. You need to watch it for yourself. Read La Sustancia P Review»

Dash Decker & Bruce Ballard vs Austin Cooper & Zack Johnathan: ‘BANG!’

Fast forward to May 2015 and  we get to see Bruce and Austin battling each other once again, but this time they weren’t alone. They were on opposite sides of the ring as Team Strength battled Team Speed in RHW’s first comicbook themed match. Of course, competition started before even the match began and we were treated to fantastic visuals for 40 amazing minutes.

This was another very even encounter at the beginning, but a couple of minutes into the match the veterans’ experience seemed to give them an edge. Once again, Austin viciousness showed up as he manhandled and tortured Bruce every chance he had.

Bruce seemed to get in trouble a lot of times and had to resort to Dash in order to be rescued.  But steadily, the members of Team Strength found their way to show how force could stop the advance of Team Speed. Tied to a round each it was time for the definitive bout.

And although it seemed as if the veterans would take the ‘W’ home, Bruce narrowly escaped Austin thighs to reach for Dash’s help and ultimately win this match. While in the end Bruce and Dash flexed in victory, one could think of what would have happened to Bruce if Dash wasn’t on his corner for this encounter. Read La Sustancia P review »

Dash Decker & Bruce Ballard vs Austin Cooper: ‘No Mercy’

In a preview of things to come, the then ‘King of the Ring’ champ Dash Decker was facing Austin Cooper on a non-title singles match. Austin was working Dash good and was already set to extract the first round submission from him when Bruce arrived to the RHW ring and it was now he who was coming to his partner rescue.

As one half of Team Brash, Bruce defended his partner at any cost saving Dash from the possible humiliation of losing for the first time ever on a singles match. The match was just brutal and once Bruce was inside the ring, Austin didn’t have the slightest chance of survival.

Together, Bruce and Dash beat the shit out of Austin, while giving us some great shows of strength, disrespect and cruelty in the process. By the end they left Austin tied and destroyed while they flexed in victory proving they were no such thing as good guys. Read La Sustancia P review »

However, in a stunning surprise later this year, Austin beat Dash on KOTR4, ending his undefeated streak and taking with him the ‘King of the Ring’ title, which now Bruce could claim his own if he’s able to avenge his partner’s defeat. As I said before, more than a rematch, this will be a grudge match and these events will for sure mark the atmosphere and the attitudes these men will bring into the ring next Wednesday.

La Sustancia P Special Coverage of KOTR5 continues this week so remember to keep voting for your favorite wrestler on the poll and stay tuned for an exclusive sneak peek coming really soon!!! finaldot

KOTR4: 5 Things You Need to Know…


I think the guest bloggers that were part of the Special Coverage for KOTR4 summed up pretty well much of what needed to be said before this match. But just to give you my take on it, as well as some teases before you watch the match, here are the last 5 things I need to tell you about ‘King of the Ring 4: Austin Cooper vs Dash Decker‘:

1. Another one to cross out from “The List”.

I considered myself lucky when I got to cross out two of the matches listed on my wishlist. In fact, this gif was meant to be used only one time and I had to redo it again twice as RHW kept surprising me with yet another item from the list. I’m not too confident any of the other matches left will become a reality, but I’m more than happy to have seen 4 of them come true and have them become part of my favorites!

2. You could say there are more than bragging rights at stake.

The first three editions of KOTR were all about bragging rights, but it seems now that the winner will actually have something to show for it. A KOTR belt makes its debut, giving RHW’s ultimate distinction an even deeper meaning. However, it’s still to be seen if this will carry on to future KOTR events, but we can only hope to see that shiny belt around the winner’s waist as he enters the ring  to defend his title.

3. The match, once again, goes to the full extent…

This shouldn’t surprise anyone. At 35 minutes long and just as we expected, the match goes on for full five rounds of action. In fact, all types of action…

4. …and it brings all types of action.


And by that I mean that we get all types of rounds: multiple-reversals rounds, single reversal rounds and  squash rounds. This mix creates a very unpredictable, thrilling match that will keep you glued to your seat. My favorite round? Hands-down, the fifth one, as we finally get an answer to who of these two men becomes the King as we are treated to views that will be loved by both Team Austin and Team Dash fans.

5. Marking a new era?


Either if this goes as Dash finishing off one of the biggest names from RHW’s old school or Austin putting an end to Dash’s magnificent streak, this match seems like the end of an era. After watching the winner of the match kneel and kiss his new belt, we can only wonder what new challenges await him as the calculating bosses of RHW are already setting him up for his title defense. With a new logo and colorful new graphics, it feels like change is in the air around RHW, so after this one, we should be ready for some surprises!

Now go, watch and enjoy ‘King of the Ring 4: Austin Cooper vs Dash Decker‘, so you know which of these titans wins it all!! finaldot

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