The Beast & The Rush


REMATCH! A week ago Movimus released Damien Rush vs Mikey Hanlon 2, in which Damien gets a second chance to prove he can beat one of Movimus’ ‘Hall of Famers’. It’s the “Beast from the East” going to suffer from the “adrenaline ‘Rush'”?

The video starts with the pre-match stretching ritual. First up, Damien Rush. You got to love this man. He is a brand himself. No matter where he shows up he brings the signature banter, the attitude and the drama. He could easily have a spin-off site dedicated to his antics. His mere presence transforms Movimus vibe and brings it closer to the usual atmosphere we see in other companies. Even when Movimus has its own authentic concept, such change is refreshing and interesting to see.

And Mikey? He  is just a vision in white. It is my favorite color to see on him. Be ready to have some nice bulge watching with those revealing trunks as you watch in that ultra big video image that only Movimus offers.

The verbal exchanges, as in their first encounter, are a bit difficult to hear, but be ready to keep up with the taunts these two make to each other throughout the match, effectively adding some spice to the normal library silence around the Movimus mat.

One particular issue in which I focused while watching this encounter is how Damien seems to be too big for Mikey to handle and Mikey seems to be too resourceful for Damien to stop. It’s a curious dynamic what happens when size becomes a limiting factor.  The volume and size of Damien leads to Mikey having trouble keeping the beefy guy in check. D’s upper body becomes a particular challenge but when he finally adds some legs to neutralize his lower half you get this beauuuutiful and delicious display of meat:

The guys go on, dealing with their short comings, successfully trapping each other and hardly escaping before giving in. Are we given a definitive resolution in this one? Well, the final score is uneven, but is not enough after watching how close both men were to multiply the results. So, although one wrestler seems to be just a tad more dominating than the other, I wouldn’t call the result “definitive”. And judging from the images that come out from their encounters, I wouldn’t mind to watch them going at it again and again trying to settle the score!

Damien Rush vs Mikey Hanlon @ Movimus Wrestling » finaldot


(¡Traducción al español pronto!)

It’s the second match of Movimus Wrestling 2nd anniversary celebration! And they got themselves the best gift of all: the return of one of the all-time favorites! Mikey Hanlon is back! One of my favorite fixtures returns to Movimus after two years to fight another known wrestler who makes his debut in the company. Make that another dream come true!

Mikey Hanlon is the one to welcome Damien Rush on his cross-over and initiate him in the art of unscripted wrestling, where there are no gimmicks, no baby oil and no plot lines. What no one can take from him though, is the ability to drag anyone into a good trash talking before (and during) a fight. Mikey looks as handsome as I remember him from the last time I saw him at Movimus, and now he fits in my favorite typecast as he added what it seems to be one artsy and intriguing bat tattoo to each of his forearms. Talk about making my water melt!

Damien enters the match looking bigger than ever before. He’s hairy body contrasts in size with Mikey’s; it’s a 30lbs difference between them. Yet Mikey is unfazed. It is obvious that he’s at home, comfortable and relax. And although Damien is carrying on with his usual talkative demeanour, you can feel a bit of jitters on his body language. It seems to be a new situation for him, and it seems like he’s still figuring out the plan. The match starts and it becomes a quest for control, with Damien deciding he’s more secure being on top (who doesn’t?). But relaxed Mikey waits until it’s time. And 4 minutes into the match, when he feels has has rested enough on his back, he turns over and start turning the pressure on.

Logically, Mikey’s relaxed state and the fact that seems to gain control easily turns into confidence. Maybe too much of it. And if Damien is smart enough he may use that as a weapon.


The highlight of this match has a name: Mikey Hanlon. The man seems to be wrestling practice, relaxed enough to wait for the best time to take the bigger man down, hold him, and trap him. So if you need some proof to discern who’s the better man, here it is:

Exhibit A: Slithering under his opponent… (18:36)

Exhibit B: Reversing… (20:53)

Exhibit C: Trapping him… (14:11)

However, Damien’s size and knowledge lets him keep up, but he doesn’t get many opportunities to mount a threatening offensive until the last quarter of the match.

The Sexiest Bits

Exactly those last two minutes. They are heaven. Just a peek:

And as usual, there are moments everywhere that makes us wanna hit “pause:


‘Sound’ Advice

Normally, Movimus matches would be mostly silent, with an occasional tease, comment and grunt. But this one had two guys who love to trash-talk and as you know Movimus have to shoot from certain distance in order to capture the action. The result is that the audio of the match seems a bit distant and you may have to blast the volume in order to hear everything. I warn you that it may become a bit distracting to hear all the wrestler’s thudding and the buzzing background sound. It can be an even bigger challenge to figure out what they say if English is not your first language. But nonetheless, it is worthy if you’d like to be part of the trash-talking fest!

The Bottom Line

We have a favorite’s return and the debut of a cross-over wrestler to the unscripted world of Movimus. So, who can lose? No one! We all win!

Go and get Mikey Hanlon vs Damien Rush @ Movimus Wrestling » finaldot

So What Is Going On At MDW? (Exclusive!)


Judging from the numbers of clicks on the site for the past few days, it seems people is craving some Cal Bennett! The post about Cal arrival to Muscle Domination Wrestling has been topping the most viewed blog post since its release according to La Sustancia P’s backend. This is why LSPID ( La Sustancia P Investigations Department) wanted to go further into these matters in order to know what’s going on at Muscle Domination Wrestling and when we should expect them to drop the above mentioned match as well as some new material. With that purpose I sent a message to mega-sexy Muscle Master Kevin (MMK) hoping we could have some answers. MMK quickly responded and helped us solve the mystery. And it seems that we’re in for a treat. Or better yet, a couple of them!

It appears that the delay has been due to some behind-the-scenes issues with one of the most critical part of their distribution process:

“To cue you in on why theres been delays, it’s actually not because of lack of content… The reason for the long break is due to our payment processor… which I am considering not releasing what will be some of our best content ever using them.”

Ouch! It seems someone over that payment processor does not  like to make their customers happy. What they probably don’t know is that MDW is about to make a shitload of money with the line-up of matches they haver prepared:

“I have filmed a ton of stuff you guys will all love including a six pack bash with Cal, me (Kevin) vs Chase in a water match, more of fan favorite Mutant and the Mountain, including a strip stakes match… which I’m sure will be a fan favorite. Also more installations of series like Gladiators are on the horizon.”

So, is MMK bluffing, or should we believe him? Some proof would help to decide that, right?

” It is a good to give the fans a bit of a peek since its been awhile. But beware, you might have a new top blog post on your hands with this one…”



F.U.C.K. Y.E.S!!!  Bigger than ever, Damien gives Cal the warmest of welcomes at MDW. This one is a MUST HAVE!

But wait! What is this other bunch of photos doing in this email?


It looks like an semi-original concept from MDW!  Outdoor wrestling has been done before, but it is something we haven’t seen in a while. And I doubt it has ever looked so handsome!

So the most important question is, when we will get to see this?

“That being said, I am in talks with many alternatives as well as my current processor and will have a plan mid next week. Once that’s in place it shouldn’t take long to get the next season up at all… since I’ve got so much filmed. You can 100% expect Me vs Chase, Cal Bennet vs Damien, and The Mountain vs a nude Braden, as well as something featuring Specimen all in season 13.”

Cal and Damien? Muscles + Neoprene suits? Beaten nude Braden? Here Muscle Master Kevin, I got a better solution. Take my credit card forever… and send that payment processor to hell.

(A thousand thanks to MMK for the message and the exclusive pictures!)

Cyber Monday


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