7 Highlights From Dash Decker vs Chad Daniels


Straight to the point: the 7 things you should look out for when you watch Rock Hard Wrestling latest release!

1_rojoblanco It’s a much more even match than what you think…


Chad comes full of confidence after tasting victory for the first time while Dash is looking to add another yet another name to his list of destroyed enemies. I was expecting a sweep, but you may be surprised by how this match develops.

2_rojoblanco And Chad may actually have a chance…

Chad newfound cockiness may actually serve him for something. For a long time I believed that it would take one of RHW’s big guns to take down mighty Dash and his perfect singles match record. But Chad made me realize that it well e a relatively naive newcomer fueled by his fearlessness and the need to establish himself could be the one to take down the RHW’s King.

3_rojoblanco  …Or NOT!

But hey, it’s Dash who we are talking about here! I’m going ahead and spoil it for you: Chad crash and burns in the courageous attempt to take down the “fat” bodybuilder. Yes, if Chad had a chance it was a FAT chance indeed!

4_rojoblanco Dash’s sweat is going to make you drool!

Just about one quarter of the match in and Dash’s body is already starting to reflect the light that touches his skin. Just wait until you him mid match! I’m drooling just thinking about it!

5_rojoblanco And so will his BULGE!

Thanks RHW for the awesomely tight trunks! Enough said!!!

6_rojoblanco The highlight of it all: a glorious knock out finale!!!

Just picture it: the big bodybuilder slowly stealing all of Chad’s consciousness with his mighty arms, letting him fall to the ground after he can’t fight it anymore and then flexing all his muscles on top of the turnbuckle while all the lights shine on his still dripping-with-sweat torso. This should definitely happen more often!

7_rojoblanco_ The mystery continues…

After claiming his eighth victim, the question still stands. Who can beat Dash? Or should I rephrase it to “will someone ever beat Dash? Many would think it’s a matter of time, but with less and less available prospects for the job it may seem like Dash is truly “The Chosen One”! And you know what, I will gladly enjoy how he breaks every man that dares to change that. finaldot

No Rescue


One great thing about Rock Hard’s wrestler’s rotation policy (the fact that they intersperse the appearances of their wrestlers) is how it let us appreciate better their talent. Blake was second fiddle to both Bruce and Dash on his first two matches, while Chad was not necessarily the main reason why you watched his matches against Zack and Austin. So now that the spotlight is only on them, what is the first thing I notice? Chad’s thighs! Let me be clear here, I already wrote about the lifeguard’s thighs before, but now he’s wearing a trunk with a higher cut (that should be the maximum length permitted for any his future appearances) that gives us the best look yet to his legs. His body is impressive, but again, I just can’t take my eyes away for them and if you are a fan of full thighs, don’t even think about passing on this match.

Tall, tanned, toned, and in matching trunk colors, at first sight Blake and Chad look more like tag team partners than opponents. However, as the action starts it feels like if they were carrying a grudge. Blake shoots the first insults (“Come on, shaggy!”) and off we go. As similar as they are is just as close as the first round is. I may be wrong but I don’t remember a first round with so many reversals in RHW. Both wrestlers seem to have absorbed a bit of the meanness of their previous opponents and bring a stronger set of verbal skills than in their previous performances. In fact, by the second round the guys even get creative with some body part puns (“You must be TRAPped!”, “TRI to stop me!”) that do fill the match with a bit more personality.

Both blondes look more like faces than heels, and that is something that is part of whar I think is the best thing about the match. I love when we see good guys going bad. Blake pulling up Chad by the hair, and Chad trying to choke Blake with the ropes (while narcissistically looking at himself in the we-know-it’s-there mirror) are some of the moments in which they let their inner villain out and gives us a hint of their potential.

Both Blake and Chad could be thought of as being part of RHW’s “development league” (to put it somehow), still needing to prove themselves against the big dogs and show they have enough drive and courage to make it to the top. At least one of them now walks out of the ring with the first victory of his career and with a validated sense of progress, as he leaves his opponent out cold and with no regrets about the fact that he’ll receive no rescue. finaldot

Wave After Wave

Ola Tras Ola


Oh Chad! Just watching Rock Hard’s lifeguard in gear already makes me smell the sea breeze. I’m wondering if anyone has ever fake drown while he’s on his shift, just trying to get a closer look to the sexy blonde. I, for once, will seriously consider doing so because I love a tall, toned guy, with a sexy big butt and delicious long legs with full thighs.

¡Oh Chad! Sólo ver el salvavidas de Rock Hard’s en uniforme me hace oler la brisa de mar. Me pregunto si alguien alguna vez habrá fingido ahogarse mientras está en turno, solo para tener un mejor vistazo de éste rubio. Yo, por lo menos, seriamente lo consideraría, porque me encanta ver a un tipo alto y formado con un trasero grande y piernas largas que incluyen muslos fornidos.

Chad strips (!) from his lifeguard boardshorts and starts jumping rope as a pre-match warm up “on his beach” when big and mean Austin Cooper arrives. Oh Austin, that whole mass of tanned muscled I never get tired of watching! The P winner for most appearances on 2014, quickly starts questioning Chad’s presence at the RHW’s ring. Surfer boys are usually all about chillin’ and good vibes so it’s quite a surprise when Chad fearlessly snaps back at the veteran: “Do you think ’cause I got this hair and this amazing looks that I can’t wrestle?… That I can’t hold my on in this ring?” Whoa, I’m liking this!

Chad se quita (!) sus shorts de salvavidas y comienza a brincando cuerda como calentamiento pre-lucha en “su playa” cuando el malote de Austin Cooper llega. ¡Oh Austin, esa masa de músculos bronceados que nunca me canso de mirar! El ganador del P al mayor número de apariciones en 2014, rápidamente cuestiona la presencia de Chad. Los chicos surfers usualmente son todo sobre buenas vibras y pasarla relax por lo que es una sorpresa cuando Chad le contesta al veterano: “¿Crees que porque tengo este pelo y este asombroso cuerpo que no puedo luchar? ¿Crees que no puedo defenderme en el ring?” ¡Esto me esta gustando!

We all know how commanding Austin is and Chad wouldn’t be the first guy he tries to kick out of the ring, but this feels different. Watching the match’s start and the rookie’s attitude means one of two things: that Chad doesn’t know what’s coming to him, or he is determined to pull one of the biggest upsets in the history of RHW. The fate of this give-and-take match is sealed when of these beautiful studs is hit with a pain tsunami, with wave after wave of punishment as he is being tangled, rolled over, stretched and pummeled for the last five minutes, surely wishing he had opted for a walk in the park instead.

Todos sabemos cuan dominante puede ser Austin y Chad no sería el primer tipo que él trata de sacar a la fuerza del ring, pero esto se siente diferente. Viendo el comienzo de la lucha y la actitud del novato significa una de dos cosas: que Chad no sabe lo que le viene encima o que está determinado a lograr una de las más inesperadas victorias en la historia de RHW. El final de esta lucha se sella cuando uno de estos dos atractivos tipos es azotado con un tsunami de dolor, con olas y olas de castigo, al ser enredado, volteado, estirado y golpeado por los últimos cinco minutos, seguramente deseando que hubiera escogido ir al parque en lugar de estar allí.

The Best Thing

You would think that Austin would be overexposed by now. Year after year, he keeps appearing in multiple companies, in a huge number of matches but the versatility that characterizes him certainly helps in not having us bored. In fact, I (and many of us, I’m sure) still look forward to watching even more from mighty Coop. In here, he shines as the ‘mean heel’ he does so well…

Uno pensaría que ya Austin estaría sobreexpuesto. Año tras año, se mantiene apareciendo en múltiples compañías en un gran número de de luchas, pero la versatilidad que lo caracteriza ciertamente ayuda a que no nos aburramos de verlo. De hecho, yo (y sé que muchos otros) aún seguimos esperamos ver más del poderoso Coop. En este video el brilla en el rol de rudo que le queda tan bien…

…with perfectly timed quips and powerful moves that definitely prove which of these guys have more experience. However, he also shines as the victim who receives a dose of his own medicine…

…con sus respuestas perfectamente colocadas, y movidas poderosas que definitivamente prueba cual de estos dos talentos tiene la mayor experiencia. Sin embargo, el también brilla cuando recibe un poco de su propia medicina…

Is it me, or does he looks even cuter while being choked? I’m betting Chad took that idea from the Austin/Bruce Ballard match!

¿Soy yo o el se ve aún más lindo mientras los asfixian? ¡Estoy seguro que Chad sacó la idea de la lucha entre Austin y Bruce Ballard!

The Sexiest Thing Lo + Sexy

I’m not sure if this is a strange or not, but my eyes were fixated to Chad’s thighs and ass. I absolutely love Chad’s beefed-up swimmer’s body type, and how the thighs and ass seem to be just a little wider and bigger than normal. It’s all highlighted at 10:15 when Austin gives us a good luck of the contour of Chad’s butt and legs:

No estoy seguro si esto es raro o no, pero mis ojos se quedan enfocados en los muslos y el trasero de Chad. Me encanta el tipo de cuerpo de Chad, el nadador con un poco más de músculos de lo usual, lo que hace que sus muslos y trasero sean más amplios. Todo se resalta al minuto 10:15 cuando Austin nos da un buen vistazo del contorno de las piernas y el trasero de Chad:

And a bonus gif, showing Chad’s ass while he he slams Austin and some post-move adjusting!

Y un gif de bono, mostrando el trasero de Chad mientras estrella a Austin contra el ring, ¡ y un poco de ajuste al final!

Bottom Line

Chad Daniels sophomore appearance brings trouble to Austin Cooper, as the surfer boy shows what he’s got under his boardshorts!

La segunda aparición de Chad Daniels le trae problemas a Austin Cooper, ¡cuando el surfer nos muestra todos los talentos que esconde debajo de sus shorts!  finaldot