Being Movimus based on real competition, one should be able to have fairly accurate expectations for a match given the wrestlers previous performances against similar opponents. For example, Casey Callaghan was throughly dominated twice by Aaron Stokes. Meanwhile, Aaron struggled against Dave Markus on their match and by the end he wasn’t able to claim the victory. Using logic, you could tell Dave shouldn’t have any problems disposing of Casey on the latest Movimus release, right?

Gentlemen, you have to see this one. Right from the beginning Casey shows he has more focus in him than a stock bottle of Adderall and he uses it to track, predict and counter every move Dave tries. Dave’s high-energy is brought to a stop, as Dave finds himself thinking how he will escape from Casey. Of course, with 30 pounds to his favor, Dave has power on his side and he is able to get Casey off him many times.

But Casey’s determination seems to be even bigger and he blocks and resists most of Dave’s advances, pushing Dave out of his game and dragging him into what basically turns into a choke battle. Chokes seems to be Dave’s favorite weapon on the arsenal, yet Casey surprises him with their good use, even getting Dave’s gag reflex activated.

Apparently Casey learned the lesson from his last match, where he couldn’t use a finisher to put the bigger man down. Now he and Dave play a dangerous game and you will feel the thrill as they keep trapping, choking and escaping from each other until they finally get it right.


We have seen Dave being dominated before, but the achievement here is that the scrappy, 30 pounds lighter wrestler is the one to beat Movimus golden boy. Casey’s focus, determination and energy are impressive. He showed all of that before (against Aron) but to no results. To watch him now being rewarded for it is greatly satisfying. Plus, major bonus points to Casey for being not distracted neither by Dave’s revealing psychodelic gear nor by his monumental physique.

I don’t mean to imply I enjoy watching Dave lose, but the drama and the agony of watching Dave struggle as he is being owned by a smaller guy makes this is one of my favorite Dave matches so far.

The Sexiest Bits

Watch out for the moment when Dave’s trunks finally give up as they can’t contain the most magnificent gluteus maximus that have ever graced the Movimus mat!

The moment that had me stuck for hitting the backward button for 10 minutes: Dave’s bulge bouncing!

And if all that doesn’t get you there, the profuse sweat shinning from the bodies at the end will!

Bottom Line

In Dave Markus vs Aaron Stokes, Movimus delivers the drama of real competition, with a match whose result defies logic showing us how the excitement of unscripted action can beat any fantasy scenario.

This one is already up for the 2015 P to the Upset of the Year. Go get it!

Dave Markus vs Casey Callaghan @ Movimus Wrestling » finaldot



A rematch would be the standard method to obtain scientific validation if wrestling was a branch of science. Validation is all about consistency and this piece does nothing but remind me of it.

In a rematch released earlier this December, Aron Stokes and Casey Callaghan meet again on the Movimus mat. Their last bout was a lively even fight that ended in the most disparate score. Now, Casey has another chance for redemption against a highly skilled Aron, who has the task to prove that randomness had nothing to do with their first match.

But as in the first time, if you were to jump directly into the match’s final scoreboard, you would believe one of the wrestlers was thoroughly trashed. Nothing is farther from the truth. The process through which you get to that final score is what really counts and it’s one of the beauties of this sport that Movimus captures so well. Both wrestlers take turns dominating and being trapped and both have clear chances at success.

The best of it? When Aron breaks what I call the “Movimus Silence” about three times during the match thanks to the pressure inflicted by Casey. Still, Casey never gets to convert those grunts into submissions and each time Aron quickly reverts and goes for the kill. Casey’s lesson? If you are giving up 40 pounds in a match, make sure you have a killer finisher (or two) in your arsenal.

At the end both wrestlers end visibly exhausted, a result is validated and this fan right here is very satisfied.

Aron Stokes vs Casey Callaghan is available at Movimus Wrestling »  finaldot




Lanzado el pasado viernes, Movimus Wrestling nos trae de vuelta a Aron Stokes vs el novato Casey Callaghan. La primera anotación que hice en mi libreta es el contraste físico entre ambos luchadores. Aron es lindo. Tiene una cara de inocente y de niño bueno que es difícil de no querer. Mientras Casey, con el pelo pintado, barba, y tatuajes en el brazo parece ser de esos tipos que busca pelea en cualquier esquina. Ahora, las diferencias se amplifica cuando colocas ambos en yuxtaposición y ves la diferencia en tamaño entre ambos luchadores.

Released last friday, Movimus Wrestling brings back Aron Stokes and newbie Casey Callaghan. The first note I write on my notebook is about the physical contrast between these two wrestlers. Aaron is cute. He has such an innocent good-guy face that is almost impossible not to like. While Casey, with dyed hair, scruffy beard and tattooed arm looks more like a troublemaker. Now, their differences are amplified when you place them in juxtaposition and can truly appreciate the size difference between both.

Mi mente pensó que esto era una trampa. “El tipo pequeño con el look rudo se va a almorzar al nene lindo”, pensé. Pero no. De ahora les soy claro en decirles que la lucha va según la lógica de las estadísticas. Sin embargo, lo interesante en esta lucha no es el resultado, si no como llegamos a el.

I thought this was a trap. ” The small bad-ass will eat the bigger cutie alive”, said my mind. But no. I’ll tell you right away that this match follows the wrestler’s stats logic. What is interesting of this match though, is how we get to the final result.

La lucha es cerrada, es intensa y la diferencia en tamaño creo que en lugar de hacerla más dispareja, la hace más íntima. Cualquiera pensaría que  una ventaja de 5 pulgadas de estatura y 34 libras de peso haría las cosas mucho más fáciles, pero verán a los luchadores sudar tratando de sobrevivir.

The match is even, intense and I think the size differential makes the match more intimate and close. Anyone could think a 5 inches and 34 pounds of advantage would make things much easier, but both wrestlers will sweat while trying to survive.


Lo Mejor Highlight

No se pierdan la lucha si son fans de los ‘headlocks’. Las llaves de cabeza parecen ser el objetivo primario de estos dos luchadores. De hecho, tres de las cuatro rendiciones se obtienen de esta manera. La segunda de ellas, empezando al minuto 13:00, me hizo sentir claustrofobia.

A match for headlock fans. Holds to the head seem to be the primary objective for these wrestlers, especially after they start providing results. In fact three of the four submissions are achieved this way. The second of them, starting at the 13:00 minute, even made me feel claustrophobic. 

Lo + Sexy The Sexiest Bits

Tal vez ignoré un poco a Aron en el debut de Dave Markus. El tipo es lindo. Y en esta aparición se aprecia el bultazo que marca su trusa (puntos extras a la colaboración entre Movimus y Prevail Sports). ¿Y que me dicen de ese gif que ven arriba, cerca del minuto 20:15? Ahh, y que no se me olvide la última rendición al minuto 22:49. Si yo fuera Casey, créanme que aunque me reventara la cabeza por la presión, me hubiese quedado al menos un minuto preso en esa llave.

I’m feeling guilty of ignoring Aaron in Dave Markus’ debut. Aron is cute. And in this appearance we get to appreciate what he is packing thanks to those sexy trunks (extra points to the Movimus and Prevail Sports partnership). What can you say to the above gif (near the 20:15 mark)? And I better not forget the last submission at 22:49. Let’s say that if I was Casey, I would stay locked in that hold at least for a minute, even if my head exploded. 


Conclusión Bottom Line

Hay un claro ganador en esta lucha. Y también queda claro que hay dos tenaces luchadores en ella. Movimus nos dice que ambos volvieron a tener una revancha al día siguiente de esta lucha y por la intimidad y la intensidad de esta, no quiero perderme la próxima.

There is a clear winner in this match. And it’s clear too that there are two tenacious wrestlers in them. Movimus says they both had a rematch the next day. Judging from the intensity and intimacy of this match, I don’t want to miss the next. 

Nota Personal Personal Note

Traté de hacer mi asignación y cumplir con lo que usualmente cubro durante las reseñas, pero les soy honesto en decirles que disfrute esta lucha de otra manera.  La combinación de ciertos eventos personales y algunas observaciones (que me reservo ya que tengo seguridad de que sean correctas) hicieron que conectara con este video de manera más personal. Por alguna razón esta lucha me recordó que el deporte es en muchas ocasiones una metáfora de la vida.

Todos tenemos nuestras luchas. La diferencia es la manera en la que las enfrentamos. A lo largo es lo que hace de la vida algo más interesante.

I tried to do my homework and cover all the parts I usually do while reviewing matches. But I’m honest in telling you I enjoyed this match in a different way. The combination of certain personal events and some observations (that I reserve due that I do not know if they are true) made me connect with this match in a personal way. For some reason, this match remind me how sports sometimes are a metaphor for life.

We all have our fights. The difference is how we choose to face them. It is what makes life at bit more interesting.