Heel Idol


You can think of “Tag Team Tryout” as the American Idol for RHW’s budding heels. “Heel Idol”, if you wish. Scouted by acerbic resident heel Ethan Andrews, both Rex Bedford and Jax Brewer answer the casting call to become Ethan’s new partner in crime.

Right were WE want Rex!

Ethan may not be totally pleased with his options here. He sent Rex twitching away to la-la land in two straight rounds a couple weeks ago and most recently stripped Jax from his mask and any possibility of getting his first victory on RHW’s first masked match. This leads to the question: could any of them be good enough to stand beside the baddest heel in RHW history?

Showing off for the scout!

At first I thought “NO, they don’t”. But if you think it through you may realize both of this muscle boys have something Ethan could use to his advantage. Leaner Rex has some MMA background which combined with Ethan’s own knowledge could help him drag his opponents to the mat and deliver some of the most savage beatings ever to be seen. Jax, however, is much buffer and could complement Ethan in the strength department, using him as his hechman to stop, control and manhandle his usually BIG targets. It is then that this tryout starts looking like a great idea and we get lucky enough to watch the whole rough and sweaty(!) process.

Jax Brewer: Ethan’s next henchman…?

I’ve got to give it to both rookies here. These are some breakthrough performances by both. As they both work to impress his possible mentor, the rookies put on a good show of performance and entertainment. Sure, some punches could have landed a bit harder (or closer, for that matter) but to witness their improvement and how they have become more comfortable match after match feels like magic to me.

Think Rex can’t savage a muscle boy?

This match guarantees the first “rookie” victory since the start of the RHW’s 2.0 era and it comes when one of these rookies surprises even Ethan with not only with his power and drive, but with the unlikely cruelness with which he OWNS his opponent, making him convincingly scream in pain as he finds himself with no other option but to submit. Then, after the marvelous victory flexing, we witness the moment in which a new tag team menace rises as Ethan congratulates the winner and hands him his official tag team partner gear. TO BE CONTINUED!!! finaldot

A Little Bit of Halloween All Over It


Work kept me from trick-or-treating this year, but I spent a great time watching RHW’s Halloween-themed Masked Mania over the weekend. The producers decided to switch it up a bit by having the RHW’s wrestlers start in full luchador attire with their respective masks, full-length tights and their own lucha persona to match. Ethan Andrews takes the role of the “Red Demon”, the muscle-ripping presence that has savaged most of the bodybuilders that dared to step with him inside the ring. Meanwhile, Jax Brewer plays the “Golden Boy”, the up-and-coming, overconfident rookie who claims he’s got what it takes to become “the champ”. Wrestling Arsenal has an awesome round-up of the action particularly focusing on the devilish acts of Ethan and their effects on beautiful Jax.

And yes, as Wrestling Arsenal points out, the “Golden Boy” looks fantastic as he owned by Ethan for good part of the match especially during the first round. A definitive highlight of the match is watching the muscle boy being unmaked and forced to reveal his not-so-hidden identity after a cruel one-sided round. RHW told us upfront who were hiding behind those masks, but still I was surprised by my own ecstatic reaction as I got to see Jax’s sweaty face once again! The use of masks is great resource that helps to potentiate our perception of this boy’s beauty. Still knowing what he looks like, you will melt at the sight of his agonic face and vulnerable body being owned by the master of muscle punishment at RHW. And once the masks come off your eyes will be shifting like crazy not knowing what to watch:  Jax beautiful face, his ripped tanned body, or the heavily outlined shapes that those tights form around his crotch!

If you watched Jax’s first match you will definitely notice his improvement. It’s just fascinating for me to watch these guys evolve, as they get used to the space, timing and atmosphere. Jax not only looks more comfortable but he is also a lot more fluid and driven in his quest to score the first win of his career. I won’t tell you who comes on top in the end but I can tell you that at the least, this newfound confidence is enough to guarantee his first round win in RHW. So does Jax pulls what could be one of the biggest upset in the history ? Or will Ethan’s reign of bodybuilder terror continue?

RHW does a great job adapting this holiday theme to their usual format, making the most of the gear and personas to forge this concept while staying true to their style. In fact, I’m down for more editions of  “Masked Mania” where we see old and -even better- new faces emerge from behind those masks to surprise us all. The great thing about it is that it doesn’t need to be Halloween for us to enjoy such a treat. Wrestling has always had a little bit of Halloween all over it, right? 😉

Now the question is, would you like to see more masked wrestling matches at Rock Hard Wrestling? Vote now! finaldot

CT’s Feat


The very first gif you see at the top of this post is my favorite moment from Case ‘CT’ Thornton vs Tito Marones. You are probably watching about 5 seconds of a half-minute struggle between both wrestlers, where Tito’s own cockiness and inexperience lead him to become Case’s bitch.

Let me give you a little bit more context. After nearly popping Case’s head in a extremely tight headlock less than a minute into the match, Tito seems confident that his power will be enough to bring Case down. I, for a moment, thought the same. The amazingly built Venezuelan gives CT hell right from the beginning with little he can do to put it under control. In fact, I had a lot of trouble trying to capture the gifs for this match because every time I scanned the movie to select the segments that better reflected the action, it seemed as if somehow Tito was always on top. Case is left with little choice but to endure everything Tito send his way until he can find a break. In the process, CT is crushed by those monstrous arms, slammed against the mat and taunted by the big guy. However, he does an impressively good job at enduring the ordeal while conceding only the minimal amount of submissions.

This frustrates Tito, who runs out of ways in which he could extract another round from CT. As that frustration builds up, Tito’s defense comes down and thats how that gif comes to be. For 30 seconds Tito keeps standing still, cockily balancing himself while CT tries to get the perfect lock on his ankle. Once Tito goes down is game over and he has no choice but to give up to CT’s trap. CT’s patience pays off again and again as the big guy wears himself off and his frustration gets the best of him. Tito tries really hard to score once again, even catching the lanky stud in another headlock, but CT’s got his number.

CT’s feat is amazing because the amount of power Tito shows is not only impressive, but downright intimidating. He puts a -real- display of skills, intelligence and confidence that you don’t necessarily get from his presence at other wrestling sites.

So why you should see this match? Because it’s not everyday that we get to see a huge, ripped exotic guy get his ego broken by such a sexy, confident, skilled, lanky stud. Yes, I could alway watch a little bit more more of that! finaldot

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