180lbs of Power


I might have taken a little break, but now La Sustancia P is back to its regular programming! I got a LOT to comment on, but let me start with something new: Tommy Gainz!!!

I continuously fear that at some point producers are going to run out of hot ripped wrestlers, but yet they keep finding these specimens that keep me glued to my PC screen. Tommy is a big, buff hunk, that seems a little bit more mature than the average Movimus wrestler and right from the pre-match stretching sequence we know there is some real wrestling talent in there too.

Wrestling in front of an audience made from other fellow Movimus wrestlers, Tommy doesn’t waste a second to take the offensive, as he ambushes Aron and quickly takes control of things. And we are talking about Aron Stokes, the same one who creamed Jimmy Reilly and annihilated Dave Markus. He just didn’t see this one coming. Tommy is not another bodybuilder getting his feet wet on the scene. In the 30 seconds alone you get to know that this man doesn’t even think about losing, and by the second minute you’ll know Aron is in deep trouble.

Tommy is 180lbs of power. While Aron try his best to tame this beast, even having a shot at it when the rookie shows signs of fatigue, he repeatedly finds himself trapped with little options to counterattack. I’m not a fan of spoilers, but by know you can guess who the winner of this match is. But I can bet that if you watch it you will still be surprised for the intensity of the two submissions. Aron’s gasps and grunts are the best evidence of the magnitude of the force that hit him, as by the end of it all he lays on the mat destroyed by a man who seems to be just starting.

I feel bad for the wrestlers who had to witness all that knowing they were against Tommy  next. But if it were me I wouldn’t care. I would let Tommy rub my face against his sweaty chest all day long! Add another one to my favorites list and add another hit for Movimus! I can’t wait to see him take on the rest of the roster.

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“What are you, 14?” asks Aron right away as he is circling around Pvt. Jack Marino. Yes, Jack could be confused with a teenager if it wasn’t for that furry torso and the two-day shadow beard. But hey, Aaron could also be mistaken for a 16-year old if it wasn’t for those toned muscles and those extra inches over Jack (both in height and elsewhere too!). Jack has it right when he points it out:”You are the one with the babyface.”

So are these two buff twinks or slim hunks? I’m not sure what to call them, but I know two things: I like them both (a lot) and they totally can wrestle! I have seen other Jack matches and by now I have seen a lot of Aron so right out of the bat I knew what to expect. However, that doesn’t mean I wasn’t surprised! For a 14-year-old-looking guy, Jack has a lot of power! He lifts and manhandles Aron a couple of times during the 29+ minute match, although it’s certainly the bigger guy the one who maintains control for most of the encounter.

Aron’s size is key not only for him to escape Jack’s traps but to also to put a lot of pressure over the little guy. It is nice to see Aron in an different character compared to his work on other sites. Still equally competitive, but more vocal and vulnerable, Aron’s role in UCW seems even more sexy to me, something that I guess his fans had discovered before and that I’m now just finding out. For a little proof make sure to keep an eye out for a wardrobe malfunction around 21:25.

So who’s the winner? Let’s say both come very, very close in their attempts to knock their opponent out  which results in a thrilling 4-minute long final sequence. One of them successfully ends the match by sending his foe to la la land and finishes the three-count with a big middle finger!

With a balanced mix of submission holds and high impact moves, I’m starting to wonder why I have been giving my attention to one other particular place instead of enjoying the more rounded-up and energetic pieces from UCW. Indeed, I now want more! finaldot

The Reilly Massacre


Aron is becoming Movimus serial killer winner. He is taking down giants at will, with ease and without regrets. First was Dave Markus and now he is chopping another mountain of muscles when he takes on Jimmy Reilly. And this time it is The Reilly Massacre.

This match is part of Movimus’ “World Series” match which are intended to last as long as the wrestlers can take it. This usually means long, long battles, so you may be shocked by the time length of this video. In fact, at first I thought my video had failed to download completely. But don’t be mistaken. Although the match is pretty short, there is enough action to call it a match.

Jimmy does have his chances to chalk up a submission but Aron is just too much for him. He has enough resistance to endure Jimmy’s holds and enough energy to escape and the proceed to smoothly trap Jimmy afterwards. In the process, Jimmy is given two very hot close-up views of Aron ass. Yes, less than 10 minutes are enough for Aron to overwhelm Jimmy by racking 4 submissions and leaving him with nothing but humiliation and a very tight throat.

And to celebrate Aron status as Movimus “man to beat” and his latest victory, here’s a picture of Aron’s pre-match stretching! (Just so you know that’s a real size screencap from the match.)


Now let’s see who is brave enough to challenge Aron next! finaldot