Grudge Match (04)


Last time we saw Archer he was fighting to stay conscious as dirty Marco had him trapped in a tight sleeper, all while Tak watched from his front-row seat to the action. (You can read the full recap here) So what happened? Did Archer escape Marco’s tight choke, or was he left out cold in the mat?


 Well, Archer was left taking a nap at Thunder’s mat, humiliated in front of the impromptu spectator that witnessed how he slowly succumbed in Marco’s arms. And in what I consider one of the hottest set ups I have seen in match so far this year, Tak gets up from his seat to appreciate what is left for him, claiming it was now “his turn”. Unfortunately, the video goes to black before we get to see Tak come back again, now in his wrestling gear ready to wake up his groggy opponent. I swear I could have busted a hands-free load if Tak would have slowly stripped from his business casual attire right there, slowly revealing his fight-ready trunks underneath! I’ve never consider myself a Tak fan, but there is something about that scruffy beard that is making me lust after the blond guy too.

Tak wakes up Archer and lets him know how bad he looked going down against Marco. Not only that, but Tak taunts Archer by belittling his skills, ignoring his muscles and treating him like a rookie, which clearly puts the Junior Olympic champion in defensive mode. What follows is an instant challenge that has everything we love about Thunder’s: trash talking, muscle comparisons and that competitive roughhousing that keeps getting more and more competitive with each minute that goes by.

In fact this match feels more even than the previous one as it seems that Archer’s opponent is closer to his weight division. They also seem to have the same quickness and strenght that makes up for the type of levelled encounter that I love to see and that leave you thinking what will happen in the end. Both are quick and strong enough to engage in some cool dueling challenges where they put each other in the same holds giving us a chance not only to compare who punishes who better, but who looks better being punished too.


By the end of it all, one wrestler will be subjected to a final slam and will end up ARCHEd in the same seat one of them was using to watch all of it before. Just as sexy as they both are is the final image of the winner posing above the prostrate body of the looser.


So who will be the winner? Tattooed Archer or squeaky clean Tak?


This match closes this Grudge Match series… but wait! Did you remember what happened with Vein in the first match? Wait for it! finaldot

Grudge Match (1)


In a very astute move, Thunder’s Arena released a group of 4 new interconnected matches under the series title “Grudge Match”. Call it a mini-series if you like, but the important thing is that Thunder’s effectively connects these products, creating a refreshing (and possibly groundbreaking) product experience in which we can enjoy a story just like if it was a new season of your favorite Netflix original series.

I don’t think storytelling, as in mini-series, has been used enough as a strategy for increasing interest for wrestling videos. The reason for that maybe the additional time, planning and resources needed by producers in order to obtain a good product. Thunder’s shows that it is possible to pull it off by keeping it simple and true to their fun and relaxed style.

I’m not going to lie. In part I was hooked with the series just because… Archer’s back!!! And, fuck, does he looks sexier than ever with that beard!!! Archer comes to powerfully recharge my dwindling obsession towards him since it has been months since he last appeared in a new release. I was truly starting to wonder if we would ever see him in a new video again.

Luckily, Thunder’s brought him back for this little project which seems to revolve mainly around him. His first opponent is hottie Marco, whom I wrote about a couple of months ago. Marco is not only one of the sexiest wrestlers to ever have graced TA’s mats, but also a very talented one. The boy knows what this is all about and goes right to the point to give us what we want to see.

This match is probably my favorite of the bunch. It all starts with Marco and Archer on the mat poolside under the afternoon sun. Archer tells Marco he’s wrestled in the Junior Olympics even finishing with a 6-0 record but Marco is definitely not impressed. They boys start seizing and comparing each other and the inevitable challenge is made. As they start grappling and trying to pin each other Marco seems to dominate, not only thanks to being a couple of weight classes above his opponent, but also due to his surprising quickness. However, just as the match is heating up another wrestler steps in!

Esta lucha es probablemente mi favorita de todo el grupo. Todo comienza con Marco y Archer quienes están en el mat al lado de la piscina disfrutando del sol de la tarde. Archer le dice a Marco que ha luchado en los Junior Olympics, terminando con un record de 6-0 pero marco no está nada  impresionado. Los chicos comienzan a compararse y se lanzan al reto inevitable. Según ellos comienzan a luchar y tratar de cubrirse el uno al otro Marco se ve más dominante, no sólo gracias a estar varias clases de peso por encima de su oponente si no también por su sorprendente rapidez. Sin embargo, justo cuando la lucha se está calentando, ¡otro luchador llega a interrumpir!


Both wrestlers are forced to jump in the pool thanks to the chaos Vein creates with his untimely posing session. Later on Vein will have to respond for his actions, but meanwhile his victims wait until they have dried to resume the action. Then, they pick up things right up where they left them.

Ambos luchadores son forzados a brincar a la piscina gracias al caos que Vein crea con su inapropiada sesión de poses. Luego Vein tendrá que responder por sus acciones, pero por lo pronto las víctimas esperan hasta secarse para continuar la acción. Entonces, toman las cosas justo donde las dejaron.

While we have known Archer for being a straight up shooter, in this video he is inevitably dragged into Marco’s sexier and dirtier territory. Archer will be exposed, suggestively pinned, almost forced to lick Marco’s feet (and other body parts) and taunted endlessly with the racy quips that have made Marco a fan favorite.

Mientras conocemos a Archer por ser un luchador más competitivo, en este video el es inevitablemente arrastrado al territorio más sexy y sucio de Marco. Archer será expuesto, sugestivamente cubierto, casi forzado a lamer los pies de Marco (al igual que otras partes también) y molestado incesantemente con los comentarios picantes que han hecho de Marco un favorito del público.

Archer has his moments as well, but it’s clear that he will need to step it up if he doesn’t want to end humiliated in front of yet another fellow wrestler who gets a first-row seat to the action….

Archer también tiene sus momentos, pero está claro que tendrá que subir de nivel si no desea terminar humillado en frente de otro colega luchador quién toma un asiento de primera fila para ver la acción…

At the end, one of them will end up out cold in the mat, while the winner  cools himself off with a now voluntarily splash of water that will make you wish that we were in that first-row seat too!

Al final, uno de ellos terminará frío en el mat, mientras el ganador se enfría voluntariamente con una valde de agua, ¡haciéndonos desear que también estuviéramos en esa silla en primera fila!


To be continued…

Continuará… finaldot



Encasillado: Guapos, con cara de tipos buenos que contrasta con el arte corporal que llevan en su cuerpo. Tienen cuerpos atléticos extraordinarios que son igualados sólo por su vulnerabilidad de convertirse en las víctimas. Pueden esconder sus rasgos bajo una barba, pero eso solo los hace más sexy.

Si, me vuelvo un pendejo cuando los veo. Al principio pensaba que era sólo por su apariencia, pero lo que realmente me atrae a estos tipos es el contraste entre cara de bueno/cuerpo de malo al igual que la ironía de lo capaz y vulnerable que son a la vez. Es esa sensación de balance, creada intencionalmente o no, lo que inicia la reacción fisiológica de mi cuerpo. Esta es la epifanía que he tenido al ver a Cal Bennett como portada del Catálogo 105 de BG East.

The Typecast: Pretty boys whose good-guy faces contrast with the presence of body art they proudly bear. They have extraordinary athletic bodies that are matched only by their vulnerability to be on the receiving end. They may hide they pretty faces under a beard, but that just makes them even more sexy. 

Yes, I’m a sucker for them.  First I thought it was just their looks, but what really attracts me to this type is the the “nice but rough” contrast, as well as the “skilled but vulnerable” conundrum.  It’s that fine balance, created intentionally or not, what ignites my body’s physiological reaction. This is the epiphany I had when I saw Cal Bennett as the coverboy for BG East’s Catalog 105



Su lucha será parte de la última entrega de HunkBash (Destrucción de Galanes), pero parece como si la hubieran sacado de Fantasymen, ya que se enfrenta a uno de los rudos más sexy que existen actualmente: Chace La Chance. He tratado de no ver las fotos en The Arena, pero se me ha colado una que otra y la verdad es que ahora no puedo esperar a ver toda la acción en DVD.

His match may be part of the latest HunkBash release, but it looks like it was taken out from Fantasymen series, as he is facing one of the hottest heels we have right now: Chace LaChance. I have tried not to look to The Arena pictures, but of course I saw two or three unintentionally, and now I just cannot wait for my DVD’s to arrive and finally see those bodies in action.

Y sólo para probarles mi fascinación por este tipo de hombre en particular (y hacer algo mientras llegan los DVD) aquí una pequeña compilación de luchadores que cumplen con los requisitos:

And now just to prove my fascination with this typecast (and to kill some time while the DVDs arrive) here is a short compilation of wrestlers that fulfill the requirements:


¿Tienen alguna sugerencia para añadir a la lista? ¡Déjenme saber!

You got any suggestion for this list? Let me know!