KOTR5: The Story So Far…


‘King of the Ring 5″ will be the fourth time Bruce Ballard and Austin Cooper meet on the RHW ring. That means that there is a lot of stuff these young men have done to each other and they definitely have a grudge to settle on next Wednesday’s match. Let’s take a deeper look at the events leading to this mega-match so we can have a better understanding of what’s at stake on KOTR5.

Bruce Ballard vs Austin Cooper: ‘House of Bruce’

Back in November 2014 Bruce faced Austin for the first time on just his second ever appearance. It was a bit like throwing him to the lions, but Bruce had showed huge potential and many, including myself thought he had what it takes to beat the veteran…

And so it all started, with an even match in which we got to see and know more from the absolutely gorgeous newbie. Only on his second match and already giving us what we like to see, he surely worked Austin good even showing some cockiness in between…

But with 20 matches under his belt already, Austin had a trick or two (or ten) to deal with everything Bruce had to throw his way. What Bruce insisted on calling the “House of Bruce” turned into a “house of horrors” with one of the most evil residents he could ever find inside. Austin knew this house as the palm of his hand…

..and that helped him to put an end to this match in a way only a person who has been around a lot of time around could. Using some in-house props, Austin finished Bruce in one of the most brutal ways that RHW has even seen! It is so good that I can’t spoil it for you. You need to watch it for yourself. Read La Sustancia P Review»

Dash Decker & Bruce Ballard vs Austin Cooper & Zack Johnathan: ‘BANG!’

Fast forward to May 2015 and  we get to see Bruce and Austin battling each other once again, but this time they weren’t alone. They were on opposite sides of the ring as Team Strength battled Team Speed in RHW’s first comicbook themed match. Of course, competition started before even the match began and we were treated to fantastic visuals for 40 amazing minutes.

This was another very even encounter at the beginning, but a couple of minutes into the match the veterans’ experience seemed to give them an edge. Once again, Austin viciousness showed up as he manhandled and tortured Bruce every chance he had.

Bruce seemed to get in trouble a lot of times and had to resort to Dash in order to be rescued.  But steadily, the members of Team Strength found their way to show how force could stop the advance of Team Speed. Tied to a round each it was time for the definitive bout.

And although it seemed as if the veterans would take the ‘W’ home, Bruce narrowly escaped Austin thighs to reach for Dash’s help and ultimately win this match. While in the end Bruce and Dash flexed in victory, one could think of what would have happened to Bruce if Dash wasn’t on his corner for this encounter. Read La Sustancia P review »

Dash Decker & Bruce Ballard vs Austin Cooper: ‘No Mercy’

In a preview of things to come, the then ‘King of the Ring’ champ Dash Decker was facing Austin Cooper on a non-title singles match. Austin was working Dash good and was already set to extract the first round submission from him when Bruce arrived to the RHW ring and it was now he who was coming to his partner rescue.

As one half of Team Brash, Bruce defended his partner at any cost saving Dash from the possible humiliation of losing for the first time ever on a singles match. The match was just brutal and once Bruce was inside the ring, Austin didn’t have the slightest chance of survival.

Together, Bruce and Dash beat the shit out of Austin, while giving us some great shows of strength, disrespect and cruelty in the process. By the end they left Austin tied and destroyed while they flexed in victory proving they were no such thing as good guys. Read La Sustancia P review »

However, in a stunning surprise later this year, Austin beat Dash on KOTR4, ending his undefeated streak and taking with him the ‘King of the Ring’ title, which now Bruce could claim his own if he’s able to avenge his partner’s defeat. As I said before, more than a rematch, this will be a grudge match and these events will for sure mark the atmosphere and the attitudes these men will bring into the ring next Wednesday.

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KOTR5: The Reveal!


It’s finally time! Rock Hard Wrestling has confirmed that Austin Cooper’s opponent for the upcoming King of the Ring 5 match is…

Bruce Ballard!


Bruce will be have a shot to become RHW royalty when he faces Austin for the fourth time (more on that soon, of course)! More than a rematch, this will probably be a grudge match, specially since their last encounter left Coop with a bitter taste after Bruce intervened to help his then tag team partner Dash Decker beat Austin to unconsciousness.

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KOTR5: The Challenger


So we know Austin Cooper will be defending his ‘King’ title next Wednesday, but who will be his challenger? Well, I’ve been told we will be getting an answer soon, but in the mean time we can only take a guess at who will dare to step into the ring in a bid to reac hRHW’s highest honor. I hereby present you with my three best guesses of who could be the KOTR5 challenger.

Dash Decker


The most obvious choice of a challenger is mighty Dash Decker. Dash narrowly lost the ‘King’ title (and his undefeated status) to Austin on KOTR4, so a right-away rematch seems logical. The problem is that no one has heard from Dash since his defeat, which makes me wonder if he has healed from the humiliating blow that was Austin’s victory. If it’s in fact Dash, this would be the third time ‘The Chosen One’ meets big Coop in the RHW ring.

Ethan Andrews


Ethan Andrews vs Austin Cooper was the second match of Catalog 16. Yes, that’s 9 full catalogs in between since these two met each other on a ring. That match ended with a huge upset, where the winner used the loser’s own finishing move to end the match. It would be very interesting to have a rematch that will help us to compare how both of them have changed since. Ethan already had his shot at glory on KOTR3, where he was very, very close to get RHW’s crown. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see him as the KOTR5 challenger given the fact that he’s always up for a bodybuilder beating, even more so if there is such a huge stake at play.

Bruce Ballard


Bruce Ballard has had a meteoric rise since his debut. He is one versatile performer with all the attributes of a true star. With 10 matches under his belt so far, we can agree that he deserves a shot to the ‘King of the Ring’ title. Austin Cooper already destroyed Bruce in one of the most brutal finishes of RHW history.  Since then, they have met two additional times: once when Bruce joined forces with Dash to take on Austin and Zack Johnathan and then when he jumped to Dash’s rescue on their handicap match, something Austin may have not forgotten yet. A KOTR5 appearance would be a chance at ‘singles match’ redemption so he can prove he doesn’t need anyone on his corner to make it on his own.

So who will it be? We will know very soon so stay tuned to La Sustancia P’s KOTR5 Special Coverage to find out! finaldot