The Reilly Massacre


Aron is becoming Movimus serial killer winner. He is taking down giants at will, with ease and without regrets. First was Dave Markus and now he is chopping another mountain of muscles when he takes on Jimmy Reilly. And this time it is The Reilly Massacre.

This match is part of Movimus’ “World Series” match which are intended to last as long as the wrestlers can take it. This usually means long, long battles, so you may be shocked by the time length of this video. In fact, at first I thought my video had failed to download completely. But don’t be mistaken. Although the match is pretty short, there is enough action to call it a match.

Jimmy does have his chances to chalk up a submission but Aron is just too much for him. He has enough resistance to endure Jimmy’s holds and enough energy to escape and the proceed to smoothly trap Jimmy afterwards. In the process, Jimmy is given two very hot close-up views of Aron ass. Yes, less than 10 minutes are enough for Aron to overwhelm Jimmy by racking 4 submissions and leaving him with nothing but humiliation and a very tight throat.

And to celebrate Aron status as Movimus “man to beat” and his latest victory, here’s a picture of Aron’s pre-match stretching! (Just so you know that’s a real size screencap from the match.)


Now let’s see who is brave enough to challenge Aron next! finaldot

Top 5 (Screen) Grabs From Decrotchery 8


I have seen Decrotchery 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Sex and 7, so why was I going to miss number 8? Even after watching the seven other titles in this series the concept doesn’t seem to get old for me: full-on crotch assaults. During the first 5 editions we saw some big beautiful men having their manhoods (literally) squashed with no opportunity to ever recover from it. The last three titles in this series, however, have had a more evened plot where both sides have a chance to crush some nuts.

Can-Am is honest here. There is nothing innovative, groundbreaking or *special* about it. It is a formulaic back-and-forth ball bash that includes punches, knees, stomping, over-the-gear and under-the-gear grabs, as well as some sexy worshipping and caressing and a XXX finish to top it all off. I’m not a big fan of XXX action in my wrestling videos, but in this case it does work well, as it serves to release all the pleasure that builds up from the steaming imagery.

I have made a list of my favorite five screenGRABS from this match in no particular order. But don’t worry: the match is over 40 minutes long (plus the 15-minute jack-off sequence) so I’m sure that if you see it yu will have enough material to make a list three or four times longer than this one. Enjoy!

1_rojoblanco The “Let Me Tease You First” Grab

2_rojoblanco The “Let’s See What’s Under That” Grab

3_rojoblanco The “Single Leg Boston Crab” Grab

4_rojoblanco  The “Mouthful & A Handful” Grab

5_rojoblanco And Perhaps My Favorite… The “Foreplay” Grab!

“Decrotchery 8”  is available on DVD in the Can-Am Store, as a Pay-Per-Minute on and as an Own-To-Cloud or rental inside Can-AmOnDemand.comfinaldot



Everyone’s favorite tag team is back! Team Brash narrowly survived their encounter against Austin Cooper and Zack Johnathan and now returns with much more confidence to take on their next victims. Colt Stevens and Tyson Matthews have already had their asses handed to them by these twi. Dash almost ate Colt while Tyson was pulverized by Bruce in their respective matches. So… why the fuck did they thought it was a good idea to stand on a ring against these men again?! Ahhh… they joy of low-IQ wrestlers and the evil minds behind RHW. I can truly picture the RHW bosses malevolently grinning as soon as these losers signed up for the match.

To make things worse for the poor victims, Dash and Bruce seem to have picked up a few things from their last appearance. Their bond seems to be strengthened by the close call they experienced a few weeks ago.  They both seem more comfortable cheering each other on and more synced as they work over the helpless chumps. My concern about their first appearance is now erased, as they both seem more supportive, driven and focused as they quickly shut down every advance their pesky opponents try to mount.


This is definitely a squash, but the big guys don’t end up unscathed though. In fact, in both rounds Dash and Bruce are treated to some cruel punishment by Colt and Tyson. It is always nice to see the big guys being vulnerable. At times I even get confused if I like Dash and Bruce better when they are getting their asses kicked. But it would be delusional to think Colt and Tyson had a true chance to win this. I don’t think they ever gain or maintain control for more than one minute. Colt is fast sweeping the big boys off their feet and Tyson, well, he does what he can the few times he is lucky enough to slip out of their claws. But the truth is that they don’t have any business here, and what we all want to see is how the muscle gods break them.

Some pointers on what to look out for: don’t miss out what seems to be an authentic slap from Colt to Bruce at 7:30 (check Bruce’s reaction), Dash’s sadistic on-the-mat and on-the-air choking of Colt starting at 8:53, a nice view of Dash’s package as Tyson Boston-crabs him at 14:45, Dash’s 2:30 minutes demolition of Tyson by the end of the match and Bruce’s bulge in those light blue square cuts throughout all the match.

And of course the most important thing: the last images of a sweaty Team Brash celebrating their triumph with a bro hug and some side-by-side posing after the last submission, enough to confirm their bromance and making us fall in love with them once again! MORE PLEASE! finaldot