I just love when I get to see a match where I can’t pick a favorite beforehand. I LOVE to watch Nero as much as I LOVE watching Tito. I’d be equally happy to be wrapped by Nero’s powerful thighs as I’d be by being choked by Tito’s giant arms. Plus with latin blood flowing through their veins and the ability to throw some Spanish zingers, this match-up seems like it was custom made for myself!


Even when they are both equally sexy in my eyes there are huge differences between them. Tito has 4 inches, 20 pounds and a big, bouncy ass (that probably helps with leverage) on Nero which translates to a huge strength disadvantage that initially tips the scale to Tito’s favor. But what does Nero have? Nero has technique. And stamina. And a whole fuckload of confidence. This is a classic ‘strength vs skill’ match.

So how do you beat a guy that has 4″ and 20 pounds on you? Apparently, you wait. And wait. And then wait some more, until frustration builds-up and mistakes start to happen. Tito is all about power; ‘marroneando’ -using force to getting things done- as we say over here. That is what leads him to be in control control for probably more than 70% of the match and means that Nero has to endure being in tight spot after tight spot waiting for Tito’s defense to come down. It is his inability to seal the deal what provide Nero the opportunity to attack Tito’s weakest points and bring the big man down. I can’t tell if this was Nero’s game plan all along, but it’s surely a risky strategy that he pulls off successfully thanks to his stamina and skills.

Question is: should you watch? Well, watch if you like how sexy these boys are, if you like to see big butts bouncing, or if you like to see giants being taken down a notch (or, like, five). I can tell you I enjoyed it for those three reasons and MORE…

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2015.12.24_MW_giftcardGo to the Movimus blog to watch a FREE match that also includes Tito Marones and Aron Stokes as they express their gratitude to their fans or another year of support. Plus don’t miss the special Holiday’s deal to save HUGE on their gift cards for your next purchases. The offer will last only until December 31, 2015 but you may use your balance for any purchase from now on until 2016! finaldot

KOTR5: The 5 Things You Got To Know…


At this point everyone should have seen this match already, but if you still haven’t here is a couple more things you got to know before you watch KOTR5: Bruce Ballard vs Austin Cooper.

1. It’s a pretty close match-up.

And we expected nothing else. Just as he promised, Austin comes out with rage, ready to destroy Bruce once again and keep the title around his waist. However, Bruce has learned a lot since the first time they met for and Austin’s skills will be put to the test. Both guys dominate and both guys suffer, which makes this bout unpredictably exciting.

2. There’s every type of round you could ask for.

Austin dominating all of the time, Bruce dominating all of the time, both guys giving and taking it, holds, punches, kicks you name it. As most of RHW matches, you are for sure going to want to rewatch at least one of those rounds again and again.

3. Dash Decker is an issue throughout match.

Dash may not physically be part of this KOTR installment, but he’s impact definitely is. The references to the mighty bodybuilder are aplenty throughout the match. “Just like Dash: you can’t handle me. You guys had to jump me to handle me. That’s the only way you could beat me.” Will Bruce prove he doesn’t need the big guy on his corner to beat Austin?

4. One HOT hold will let you see a wrestler from another perspective.

In a moment not included here because you need to see it for yourself, one wrestler is forced to hang upside down on his opponent’s back as he is being stretched beyond his limits (just like it was promised!). All the vulnerability, agony and suffering while he’s being tortured makes it my favorite moment of the match. I’m telling you, you need to see it for yourself!

5. Beware: Mini-spoiler ahead!

Once again, all the action leads to ROUND 5! For the fourth time in KOTR history, the action goes on until the definitive round to decide who wins this match. Will vengeful Austin remain King? Or will Bruce become the first monarch of RHW’s new era? Go and find out now! finaldot

KOTR5: Another Sneak Peek!


To finish the Special Coverage of ‘King of the Ring 5’ I’m giving you one last sneak peek at today’s release. Take a look!!!

What’s this?!?!?! Is that a bruised and beaten Austin? Is it Bruce claiming the KOTR belt?!  Is he the winner of KOTR5?!? There’s only one way to find out, and that is to go and get KOTR5 when it’s released later today at Rock Hard Wrestlingfinaldot