Hidden Gem


“Alright, you know how it starts…”, says Eli Black. “I circle this way, you circle that way. You stare at me, I stare are you. I punch you in the face, you fall asleep. I win, hand is raised. Sounds good?” he recites, as if the words were part of his favorite poem. “No, not really”, replies Nero. “We might improvise a little bit.”, responds the full bodied hunk.

I’m not sure how this video slipped through my net. I had bought it weeks ago but I didn’t even remember that it was inside my “Downloads” folder. Then I remembered it features Eli Black, whom I have missed A LOT in recent months, and Nero Angelo, the hottest “ref” underground wrestling has ever seen. Angelo’s nicely proportioned bod seems almost to be double in mass compared to the leaner Black. Still, just from the preview video on UCW’s site, you could tell this is a pretty even match.

In fact, Nero’s weight advantage is easily neutralized by Eli’s brutality. On and on, Eli goes hard on Nero as he tries to keep him down and avoid letting him get on the offensive. But it becomes clear Nero is not just a ‘ref’. He can take a punch or two (or a slam or two for that matter) and comeback for more. He traps Black good and goes on to work over his bandaged right hand, exploiting his only apparent weakness.  Nero not only seems to be interested in beating Black, but also makes sure to enjoy the time he spends with his opponent as he goes on to caress Eli’s abs and check if there are at least six of them in there, only to be sexily forced to correct his count to 8 minutes later.

Back and forth they go, with a coat of sweat covering their bodies as they keep trying to break each other for more than 25-minutes (just so you have an idea, all the gifs here doesn’t even make it to the match’s halfway mark). As the match gets both fiercer and sexier, Black is forced to admit something. “Gotta give it to you, man. There’s very few people that make me get to this point.” It will take more than just their own bodies to settle the score as a rope and the actual ring bell are brought into the mat, making me wonder if someone should also admit he wasn’t enough to end his foe on his own.

I’m not sure if it is because I’m watching this with a refreshed mind after taking a break but I can tell you I LOVED watching this video. It mixes all the ingredients needed for a La Sustancia P favorite: lots hard-hitting action spiked with some brutality, more-than-just-implied sexyness throughout the match, great personas and well delivered dialog (specially from Black, as always) and the type of edge-of-your-seat ending I always want to see. Plus, it gives us Eli Black, whose appearances nowadays seem more an exception than the rule. His natural viciousness and flat out brutality are the stuff you can only get from movie’s supervillains. And then we got Nero who in his UCW debut (as a wrestler) proves he’s got the brawn to keep up with the best of their roster.

 UCW has done it again, making me remember to never underestimate the stuff that gets lost in the deepness of my “Downloads” folder and making me want to sort everything that’s in there so I can find another UCW hidden gem. finaldot



“What are you, 14?” asks Aron right away as he is circling around Pvt. Jack Marino. Yes, Jack could be confused with a teenager if it wasn’t for that furry torso and the two-day shadow beard. But hey, Aaron could also be mistaken for a 16-year old if it wasn’t for those toned muscles and those extra inches over Jack (both in height and elsewhere too!). Jack has it right when he points it out:”You are the one with the babyface.”

So are these two buff twinks or slim hunks? I’m not sure what to call them, but I know two things: I like them both (a lot) and they totally can wrestle! I have seen other Jack matches and by now I have seen a lot of Aron so right out of the bat I knew what to expect. However, that doesn’t mean I wasn’t surprised! For a 14-year-old-looking guy, Jack has a lot of power! He lifts and manhandles Aron a couple of times during the 29+ minute match, although it’s certainly the bigger guy the one who maintains control for most of the encounter.

Aron’s size is key not only for him to escape Jack’s traps but to also to put a lot of pressure over the little guy. It is nice to see Aron in an different character compared to his work on other sites. Still equally competitive, but more vocal and vulnerable, Aron’s role in UCW seems even more sexy to me, something that I guess his fans had discovered before and that I’m now just finding out. For a little proof make sure to keep an eye out for a wardrobe malfunction around 21:25.

So who’s the winner? Let’s say both come very, very close in their attempts to knock their opponent out  which results in a thrilling 4-minute long final sequence. One of them successfully ends the match by sending his foe to la la land and finishes the three-count with a big middle finger!

With a balanced mix of submission holds and high impact moves, I’m starting to wonder why I have been giving my attention to one other particular place instead of enjoying the more rounded-up and energetic pieces from UCW. Indeed, I now want more! finaldot

Just The Right Amount


This might be a little overdue. Not only because this match was released about a month ago, but because it is the actually the first time I’m recapping a UCW match on this blog. By now you know I usually prefer to watch bigger guys wrestle and I feel other companies do cater to my tastes more directly. However, UCW does what it does really well. Having being around for a long, long time, by now they have created their own universe which is filled with one of the most colorful rosters in the industry. Their creativity is impressive, as they tackle many scenarios, from the seriousness of the UCW-championship bouts to the irreverence of their themed matches, with the same energy and commitment.

I have wrote about how consistent other companies are and UCW deserves that recognition too. Although it may look like their matches are an improvised bunch of wannabe wrestlers filming themselves in one of their parents basements, when you look closer, UCW is much more than that. It presents us with more actual wrestling content that many other sites, with great video quality and at the most affordable price (per minute) in the industry. It would require more analysis to prove this, but I believe that for a long time now UCW has offered the best value for your buck.

That said I was more than happy to be able to watch release number 410, featuring newcomer Malik vs Axel featuring Tyson The Hammer (as referee) in an oil match. As Axel is the reigning champion means that the UCW championship match. Malik seems to be keen about getting that belt while Axel voices his concerns about Tyson not been impartial enough to ref this 30-minute match.

The oil, you’ll see, is just the right amount. It adds that shiny coat that enhances the wrestlers’ bodies and smoothes all of their movements on the mat without being too slippery. The result is interesting as the fluid grappling is mixed with the hard impact punches and movement-stopping submission holds. Axel, being the most experienced of both, seems to get the upper hand quickly, but that same fluidity I is responsible of multiple reversals that will put both of these contenders on the verge of giving up. Along with some gut bashing, crotch grabbing and choking, the action is both as sexy as it is serious.

So after all, Axel may be right and Malik gets to have that extra “help” he needs in order to pull a major upset. But will it be enough to snatch the UCW championship from the company’s biggest star? The match ends with someone submitting just before passing out. However, the video doesn’t ends until the winner issues quite an interesting proposal that the loser might well accept! finaldot