Another Winner!!!


Let’s run this by the checklist. Tall? Check. Muscles? Check. Clean-cut? Check. Tattoos? Check.  Piercing blue eyes in which you can get lost? Check. Ding ding ding! Ring the bell because Eagle is another winner!!!

Eagle (not to be confused with the other Eagle on Thunder’s roster) is the main selling point of Thunder’s Cyber Monday special event, which has him battling perennial favorite Frey. Just like many other bloggers, I got to see this match in an advanced screening, but I already couldn’t resist to enjoy watching this muscled stud on his debut match against Dozer (which is at an incredible good price at this moment). You already now my infatuation with big, muscled, tattooed, strong-but-vulnerable model/wrestlers. Pete Sharp, Archer, Cal Bennett, Dash Decker, Alex Waters… the list goes on and on and Eagle sort of joins this “buy-anything-with-them” list.

But contrary to other examples listed above, Eagle comes to the underground wrestling scene with enough experience to put on a really good show. You can tell he knows his stuff, maneuvering himself and his opponent with ease, transitioning well between movements and doing some really good selling. The stud shows some natural showmanship as he doesn’t waste time by flexing and showing off every chance he can. I’m telling you, he is a STAR. It is not everyday that we see a rookie like this grace our screens and Thunder’s has probably hit a jackpot getting to showcase this handsome stud first.

But with such a great performance for a rookie and a magnificent pairing with Frey, I’m not sure why Thunder’s wants to make this a one-day event. Probably they want to cash-in on the Cyber-stuff fever, but I’d say this is more than good enough to go ahead and buy. Yes, even when I know that at some point in our lifetime (and by that I mean the following three months) this will be released once again or inside Thunder’s TV.  Simply put, this bout shouldn’t just be archived away . 😉  finaldot

Runaway Hit


Thunder’s calls Talon a runaway hit. And you know what? I totally agree!

Talon makes his debut on Bodybuilder Battle 82 (82 already?!) against seasoned veteran Frey. “Damn it, Thunder’s brings me a new guy again…” says Frey, while he belittles the newcomer. There is no better surprise than to hear how Talon keeps up with Mr. Frey during the initial exchange not letting the veteran get into his head and retorting with an internalized ‘come at me,bro’ attitude that makes him 100X times sexier. The intro turns to the classic testosterone-fueled pose-off which the veteran astutely uses as a set-up to start the match.

The match goes off and the rookie is trapped in a sexy full-nelson that doesn’t seem to be hurting him a bit as he cockily uses it to show us his torso and biceps. Frey then changes the strategy and moves on to a bearhug from which Talon quickly breaks away sending the veteran to the mat. After 4 reversals in the first 1:30 minutes, Frey can only admit how well the rookie is doing. “Alright, you’re a quick learner!” Yes, Talon not only can keep up with Frey’s talk, but he can walk the walk! What follows is a very close match between both men that will be only defined when one of the wrestlers viciously focuses on one of his opponents weaknesses.

Tall, well built, with a sexy scar on his left thigh and a big loose bulge, Talon’s confident attitude seems to fit perfectly in the roughhousing frat house that is Thunder’s Arena.

And with apparent record sales for his debut, the only thing I can pray for is for Thunder’s to bring him back again and again! finaldot

Grudge Match (04)


Last time we saw Archer he was fighting to stay conscious as dirty Marco had him trapped in a tight sleeper, all while Tak watched from his front-row seat to the action. (You can read the full recap here) So what happened? Did Archer escape Marco’s tight choke, or was he left out cold in the mat?


 Well, Archer was left taking a nap at Thunder’s mat, humiliated in front of the impromptu spectator that witnessed how he slowly succumbed in Marco’s arms. And in what I consider one of the hottest set ups I have seen in match so far this year, Tak gets up from his seat to appreciate what is left for him, claiming it was now “his turn”. Unfortunately, the video goes to black before we get to see Tak come back again, now in his wrestling gear ready to wake up his groggy opponent. I swear I could have busted a hands-free load if Tak would have slowly stripped from his business casual attire right there, slowly revealing his fight-ready trunks underneath! I’ve never consider myself a Tak fan, but there is something about that scruffy beard that is making me lust after the blond guy too.

Tak wakes up Archer and lets him know how bad he looked going down against Marco. Not only that, but Tak taunts Archer by belittling his skills, ignoring his muscles and treating him like a rookie, which clearly puts the Junior Olympic champion in defensive mode. What follows is an instant challenge that has everything we love about Thunder’s: trash talking, muscle comparisons and that competitive roughhousing that keeps getting more and more competitive with each minute that goes by.

In fact this match feels more even than the previous one as it seems that Archer’s opponent is closer to his weight division. They also seem to have the same quickness and strenght that makes up for the type of levelled encounter that I love to see and that leave you thinking what will happen in the end. Both are quick and strong enough to engage in some cool dueling challenges where they put each other in the same holds giving us a chance not only to compare who punishes who better, but who looks better being punished too.


By the end of it all, one wrestler will be subjected to a final slam and will end up ARCHEd in the same seat one of them was using to watch all of it before. Just as sexy as they both are is the final image of the winner posing above the prostrate body of the looser.


So who will be the winner? Tattooed Archer or squeaky clean Tak?


This match closes this Grudge Match series… but wait! Did you remember what happened with Vein in the first match? Wait for it! finaldot