An (Even More) Awesome Deal


I can say I follow around 8-9 underground wrestling video producers. However due to time and energy constraints, La Sustancia P focuses mainly on three or four of them. I mean, I need to draw the line somewhere. There is probably a dozen more sources of wrestling video material and I just wouldn’t even be able to cover them all even if I wanted to. However, I feel like I need to share this one with you. A couple months ago I was browsing through the Spotland Scrappers website and one particular release caught my eye. The video title is “Pony Tale”, which was a bit puzzling to me. Does this follows some sort of storyline? And is there a cute miniature horse involved?

‘Ohhh, is about the “tail”!’ I realized as I saw Young Ady’s haircut in the preview video. The match is a custom bout produced for a fan, to whom I want to extend my gratitude by the way.  I’m not sure how much of the match’s details were given by who commissioned this match and how much was developed by the team at Spotland Scrappers, but right from watching Ray Junior’s pleather jacket in the match’s opening takes I knew I was in for something really good.

From Young Ady’s skin-tight hoodie, the bulge-hugging leggings to Young Ady’s man bun, the set-up satisfies all of my wishes for a match the set-up but what really makes it work and what is really worth highlighting is how the guys attitudes tie it all together. Right from the start and all throughout the match both Ady and Ray lead you to believe they hold a real grudge as very move and hold seem to arise from pure hatred. A couple of off-angle punches let us know this guys know what they are doing, but still at some points I couldn’t help but to worry for their well being. The match is basically a stand-off between two alphas and the guys help the tale come true with their body language, their ruthless attitude and menacing silence that reigns throughout the match.

Spotland Scrappers are probably the British ring equivalent to UCW, as they go from silly to serious and still nail it all thanks to their commitment and talent. Spotland proves you don’t need extremely ripped and buff bodies to make a video sexy. Confidence and attitude also do the trick and in  in this particular case it makes it even better.

I have bought other videos from Spotland and I can tell that not all of them follow this line. However, although I probably shouldn’t be compromising even more, this release kinda convinced me of giving Spotland a spot from now on to be part of the monthly round-up of releases. It is that good, and for just $9 it is an (even more) awesome deal.

“Pony Tale” is available as a download and as part of a custom match compilation DVDfinaldot