So What Is Going On At MDW? (Exclusive!)


Judging from the numbers of clicks on the site for the past few days, it seems people is craving some Cal Bennett! The post about Cal arrival to Muscle Domination Wrestling has been topping the most viewed blog post since its release according to La Sustancia P’s backend. This is why LSPID ( La Sustancia P Investigations Department) wanted to go further into these matters in order to know what’s going on at Muscle Domination Wrestling and when we should expect them to drop the above mentioned match as well as some new material. With that purpose I sent a message to mega-sexy Muscle Master Kevin (MMK) hoping we could have some answers. MMK quickly responded and helped us solve the mystery. And it seems that we’re in for a treat. Or better yet, a couple of them!

It appears that the delay has been due to some behind-the-scenes issues with one of the most critical part of their distribution process:

“To cue you in on why theres been delays, it’s actually not because of lack of content… The reason for the long break is due to our payment processor… which I am considering not releasing what will be some of our best content ever using them.”

Ouch! It seems someone over that payment processor does not  like to make their customers happy. What they probably don’t know is that MDW is about to make a shitload of money with the line-up of matches they haver prepared:

“I have filmed a ton of stuff you guys will all love including a six pack bash with Cal, me (Kevin) vs Chase in a water match, more of fan favorite Mutant and the Mountain, including a strip stakes match… which I’m sure will be a fan favorite. Also more installations of series like Gladiators are on the horizon.”

So, is MMK bluffing, or should we believe him? Some proof would help to decide that, right?

” It is a good to give the fans a bit of a peek since its been awhile. But beware, you might have a new top blog post on your hands with this one…”



F.U.C.K. Y.E.S!!!  Bigger than ever, Damien gives Cal the warmest of welcomes at MDW. This one is a MUST HAVE!

But wait! What is this other bunch of photos doing in this email?


It looks like an semi-original concept from MDW!  Outdoor wrestling has been done before, but it is something we haven’t seen in a while. And I doubt it has ever looked so handsome!

So the most important question is, when we will get to see this?

“That being said, I am in talks with many alternatives as well as my current processor and will have a plan mid next week. Once that’s in place it shouldn’t take long to get the next season up at all… since I’ve got so much filmed. You can 100% expect Me vs Chase, Cal Bennet vs Damien, and The Mountain vs a nude Braden, as well as something featuring Specimen all in season 13.”

Cal and Damien? Muscles + Neoprene suits? Beaten nude Braden? Here Muscle Master Kevin, I got a better solution. Take my credit card forever… and send that payment processor to hell.

(A thousand thanks to MMK for the message and the exclusive pictures!)

Cyber Monday


Remember, MDW is offering a FREE video from seasons 1 to 9 when you buy a video from seasons 10 to 12 ONLY TODAY, MONDAY, DECEMBER 1st. Sales will be checked at the end of the day and you will receive an email with instructions on how to claim your free video. No coupon necessary. Valid ONLY Cyber Monday (December 1st,2014). finaldot

Millimoles (5)

Muscle Domination Wrestling (MDW) seemed to be almost dormant for the past three months.  Up until now, they seemed to be releasing their ‘seasons’ with one or two months of difference between them. In all fairness, it was a lot of matches for such a small period of time. But no news and random updates to their VIP section featuring some of their talent just posing had me worrying about this ‘break’. In fact, I was worried to the point where I was going to include that fact in a post that should be coming out soon. But yesterday, MDW slapped us in the face with this:

Muscle Domination Wrestling (MDW) parecía estar casi inactivo por los pasados tres meses. De hecho, hasta ahora parecían lanzar sus ‘temporadas’ con uno o dos meses de diferencia entre ellos. Siendo justos,la realidad es que era una gran cantidad de luchas para un periodo tan corto de tiempo. Pero el no recibir noticias, y sólo ver algunas actializaciones a el área VIP con algunos de sus talentos posando me empezaron a preocupar sobre este hiato. De hecho, estaba tan preocupado que iba a incluir este hecho en una entrada que debe salir pronto a la luz. Sin embargo, ayer MDW me azotó en la cara con esto:


Now I have a wallet on my list for Christmas gifts, cause I ripped mine open desperately trying to get my credit card out of it. I immediately subscribed to their VIP site to see Cal Bennett in action. Of course, is just a another posing video but it seems to have a purpose. It is 9 minutes long and Cal tries out four different looks for us. I warn you: there’s a good amount of time wasted as Cal changes his gear off-camera and we are treated to just the background.

Y ahora tengo que pedir de regalo de Navidad una cartera nueva, porque rompí la mía tratando desesperadamente de sacar mi tarjeta de crédito. Inmediatamente me suscribí a su sitio VIP para ver Cal Bennet en acción. Por supuesto, es sólo otro video de modelaje pero parece tener un propósito. En el vídeo, que tiene una duración de 9 minutos, Cal nos muestra cuatro trusas diferentes. Una advertencia: el vídeo pierde una buena parte del tiempo enseñándonos sólo el trasfondo mientras Cal se cambia de trusas.

The highlight from the clip? At the mark of 4:15 Cal enters the frame again in a see-through bikini. Let me repeat that again. A MOTHERFUCKING SEE-THROUGH BIKINI! The lightning and the shot placement kinda has been placed so we can’t appreciate all of its glory, but you can see it right there!! The scene lasts about a minute and a half. I’m not posting it here because I don’t want any trouble with Master Muscle Kevin, but any Cal fan has to see it! The rest of you can settle for this:

¿Lo mejor del vídeo? En la marca de 4:15 Cal entra con una nueva trusa transparente. Permítamente repetir esto. ¡UNA CABRONA TRUSA TRANSPARENTE! La iluminación y posicionamiento del tiro de cámara está ajustado para que no podamos apreciarlo en todo su esplendor, ¡pero pueden verlo todo ahí en frente suyo! La escena apenas dura un minuto y medio. No coloco nada aquí porque no quiero problemas con Master Muscle Kevin, pero cualquier fan de Cal tiene que verlo. Los demás que se conformen con esto:


The clip doesn’t have much dialog, and it is all condensed in the first minute. Here is an almost complete transcript:

El vídeo no tiene mucho dialogo y todo está concentrado en el primer minuto. Aquí una transcripción casi completa:

“Yes, I heard about this big Braden guy. Thinks he’s big…. thinks he’s tough. I’m going to fuck him up…” “Yeah, Braden stands no chance.”
“Sí, escuché que por aquí hay un tipo grande llamado Braden. Piensa que es grande… piensa que es fuerte. Pero voy a joderlo…” “Si, Braden no tiene ni una oportunidad.”

It is safe to assume he is talking about Braden Charron, who was part of MDW previous update in a contest-ready body posing routine. So, La Sustancia P’s Investigation Department went on to download and inspect that previous release and here are the findings:

Es bastante seguro asumir que Cal está hablando de Braden Charron, quien fue parte del episodio previo de MDW en un vídeo donde muestra su cuerpo listo para competencia de fisiculturismo y roda su rutina. Así que el Departamento de Investigaciones de La Sustancia P descargó y analizó el video de Braden en busca de confirmación y aquí están los resultados:

  • It’s positive, Braden calls out Cal, saying he doesn’t have a chance standing next to him!
    El resultado es positivo: Braden también menciona a Cal en su video y le dice, ¡ que tampoco tiene una oportunidad de vencerlo!
  • Braden even goes on to show us his victory pose once he is done with Cal.
    Braden nos muestra la pose final que hará sobre Cal una vez lo derrote.
  • Braden is in a motherfucking GREAT shape!
    ¡Braden tiene una condición cabrona! 
  • Judging by the background props, the MDW wrestling ring appears to be taken down and to be at another location. (possible reason for the delay?)
    Juzgando por el trasfondo, el ring de MDW parece estar desmontado y en otra localización (¿posible razón para la demora de la nueva temporada?)

The verdict: May be it’s not worth the $20 bucks alone, but if you count the other content you get to download it is a deal for me!

El veredicto: El video tal vez no valga los $20, pero si toman en consideración todo el contenido que pueden ver además de esta pieza, pues considero que ¡es una buena oferta!

La Sustancia P has now $30 additional bucks with MDW written all over it. As soon as this match is released, I’m buying! Just please, don’t make us wait three months more!

La Sustancia P ya ha separado otros $30 separados con el nombre de MDW escrito por encima de ellos. Tan pronto esta lucha sea lanzada, ¡la voy a estar comprando! ¡Sólo espero que no nos hagan esperar tres meses más! finaldot

Millimoles (2)

Viernes cargado Busy Friday

El viernes no sólo vio el lanzamiento del Catálogo 104.2 de BG East. Otras dos compañías también lanzaron productos. / Last Friday saw not only the release of Catalog 104.2 from BG East, but the releases of two other companies.

La primera de ellas PWP Wrestling, que lanzó 4 luchas (más bien 2 luchas y 2 re-lanzamientos) descargables  y en DVD. PWP siempre, siempre, desde que los conozco han presentado excelentes caras y cuerpos. Eso sí, las luchas son altamente estáticas, con una sola movida a veces extendiéndose por minutos. La realidad es que a veces no se puede diferenciar si es una sesión de modelaje o una lucha. Si te gusta ver una lucha por la acción esto es un ejercicio a la paciencia . Pero si les gusta la lucha solo por alimentar la pupila, ellos rara vez defraudan. / The first one is PWP Wrestling which presented 4 matches (or two new matches and two re-releases). PWP has always, and I mean always, since I have know of their existence, presented gorgeous faces and bodies. But there’s a catch: matches are highly static, with a single hold  sometimes going on for minutes. You sometimes wonder if you are watching a wrestling match or a modelling photo shoot. If you like to watch wrestling for the action this can be an exercise in patience. But if you watch matches for the eye-candy, then you will rarely be disappointed.

De las nuevas luchas, estos dos tipos le hacen algo a mi cuerpo: / From the new releases, these two men do something to my body:


Spencer (izquierda) quien  se enfrenta a Mathieu, particularmente me vuelve loco con su ‘look’ de modelo y espejuelos (!!!). A su lado Santiago, quien enfrenta a Mathew, y fácilmente parece uno de mis compatriotas. Y sus respectivos oponentes tampoco tienen nada que envidiarle en apariencia.
Spencer (left) who faces Mathieu, particularly drives me crazy with his model looks and glasses (!!!). To his side is Santiago, who faces Mathew, and has looks that remind me of my fellow countrymen. Keep in mind their respective opponents are just as good looking.


Y al otro lado del espectro está UCW-Wrestling, qué es pura acción sin pretensiones en apariencias. Ellos lanzaron el vídeo 362 donde Black Dragon se enfrenta a Axel (!!!) en una lucha que parece tener más acción que las 4 que les mencioné arriba. Chequéenlo en UCW-Wrestling./ At the other side of the spectrum is UCW-Wrestling, which is pure action without pretensions of appearances. They released  video 362 featuring Black Dragon and Axel (!!!) in a match that seems to have more action than the 4 I mentioned above. Check it out at UCW-Wrestling.

Uno de esos errores One of Those Honest Mistakes


Según visto ayer a eso de las 12:00pm, en la página de perfiles de BG East se enlista a Nick Archer como parte del Catálogo 104.2. Apuesto que fue un error involuntario mientras montaban la página y seleccionaban los luchadores que que forman parte del catálogo, tal vez por la semejanza entre los nombres Archer y el de la superestrella. Posiblemente esto sea corregido pronto pero,¿no les parece uno de esos errores que deseamos hubiesen sido realidad? / As seen yesterday around 12:00pm, the BG East Wrestler Profiles page listed Nick Archer as part of Catalog 104.2. I bet this was an honest mistake that happened while setting the page and selecting the wrestlers that are part of the catalog, may be due to the similarity of the names Archer and the former superstar. This will possibly be corrected soon, but isn’t it one of those mistakes we wished was right?

¡Mira quién presenta avances! Look Who’s Teasing Now!


Muscle Domination Wrestling publica tanto en su página de Facebook como en su página principal avances de dos de sus nuevas producciones temáticas. La primera es ‘Vampire God‘ la que tiene un 99.9% de probabilidad de presentar sangre falsa, lo que me hace 99.999999999% seguro de que no estaré siguiendo. Es sólo mi impresión inicial, pero esto puede cambiar dependiendo lo que vea cuando sea lanzada. La segunda si me interesa. Se trata de “Gladiator” y muestra a Matt Thrasher (!!!) en disfraz de gladiador romano con un fondo ambientado en la antigua Roma. Ahora estamos hablando. Un luchador maduro en un escenario que me llama la atención. Tuve una erección jugando “Ryse: Son of Rome” en el Xbox, así que esta sí me apunto. Ambos títulos aparentemente serán lanzados más tarde en Agosto, según la publicación.Muscle Domination Wrestling posts both on their Facebook page and their homepage teasers about two new themed products. The first one is “Vampire God” which has a 99.9% probability of containing fake blood, which makes me 99.999999999% sure I won’t be watching. It’s just my initial impression but, you know, anything can happen. The second one does get my attention though. It’s named “Gladiator” and shows Matt Thrasher (!!!) on a roman gladiator costume on top of a ancient Rome background. Now we’re talking. A mature performer on a scenario that captures my attention. I got a boner playing “Ryse: Son of Rome” on  Xbox, so this one is a no-brainer for me. Both titles will be released later in August, according to the post.

¡Alguien cumple aniversario! An Anniversary Coming Soon!

Rock Hard Wrestling debe estar presentando su Catálogo 20 a lo largo de las próximas 12 a 14 semanas. Mi estimado es que deben haber pasado al menos 5 años desde la publicación del primer catálogo y verdaderamente se siente como si el tiempo se ha ido volando. ¿Tendrán algo preparado para los fans en celebración? / Rock Hard Wrestling should be releasing their Catalog 20 during the next 12 to 14 weeks. My estimate is that at least five years have gone by since the release of the first catalog and it truly feels like time flies by. ¿Will they have something in store for the fans to celebrate?