The Match You Didn’t Realize You’ve Always Wanted


Can-Am’s description of Cameron Matthews-directed ‘Body Chopped and Sleepered 1‘ is totally right: this is “the match you didn’t realize you’ve always wanted”. Yes, at the beginning the title left me scratching my head too. I did get the ‘Sleepered’ part; that is usually the reason why I would watch ANY match. But ‘Body Chopped’? Am I interested in watching that? In all honesty, I had an inner debate about watching this or not, but finally it was the name ‘Matt Maverick’ what tipped the scale in favor and afterwards I was really glad I did.

The opening set-up is the classical one-upmanship scenario we love about pro wrestling. Nick Justice arrives to the Can-Am ring to find Matt Maverick practicing his chopping skills against a turnbuckle. Nick offers Matt some advice on how to improve his chop, but we quickly find out it was all a hoax, as Nick’s practice chop goes directly to the hunk’s neck with reckless force. From then and up until the very end it is a cruel battle which will test not only the strength with which these men can hit each other but their ability to absorb and endure almost 20 minutes of strikes and oxygen shortage.

While these giants chop each other virtually everywhere, hair pulling, low blows, scissors and slams are ensure this does not turn into a repetitive affair. And so does the running commentary by cocky Nick, who keeps the match flowing with his masterful taunting and heelish behavior. The chops turn out to be so sexy thanks to the wrestler’s magnificent selling and it’s strategic use as a tool to bring each other down. Then they are usually followed by a knock out attempt, each time with different kind of sleeper hold which will leave you guessing not only who is going to be the winner but how he will be finished.

This match is nowhere to being 50/50. It is much closer to 70/30, with the softer giant owning the ripped stud for the most part, which in my opinion makes it all even hotter. But what happens at the end? That is for you to find out! What I can tell you is that, just as I did, you will not regret basking in the high quality visuals of the Can-Am On Demand platform to watch the unexpectedly sexy show put by these two talented pro wrestlers. The only thing I’d have changed is the, not one, but two trunks Nick is wearing underneath his purple speedos, as well as those damned black trunks that don’t help to showcase Matt’s ass-ets the way they deserve. Otherwise, with this title Can-Am shows everyone how far a simple idea can go with good execution a little bit of imagination.

‘Body Chopped and Sleepered 1’ is also available on DVD at the Can-Am Storefinaldot

Top 5 (Screen) Grabs From Decrotchery 8


I have seen Decrotchery 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Sex and 7, so why was I going to miss number 8? Even after watching the seven other titles in this series the concept doesn’t seem to get old for me: full-on crotch assaults. During the first 5 editions we saw some big beautiful men having their manhoods (literally) squashed with no opportunity to ever recover from it. The last three titles in this series, however, have had a more evened plot where both sides have a chance to crush some nuts.

Can-Am is honest here. There is nothing innovative, groundbreaking or *special* about it. It is a formulaic back-and-forth ball bash that includes punches, knees, stomping, over-the-gear and under-the-gear grabs, as well as some sexy worshipping and caressing and a XXX finish to top it all off. I’m not a big fan of XXX action in my wrestling videos, but in this case it does work well, as it serves to release all the pleasure that builds up from the steaming imagery.

I have made a list of my favorite five screenGRABS from this match in no particular order. But don’t worry: the match is over 40 minutes long (plus the 15-minute jack-off sequence) so I’m sure that if you see it yu will have enough material to make a list three or four times longer than this one. Enjoy!

1_rojoblanco The “Let Me Tease You First” Grab

2_rojoblanco The “Let’s See What’s Under That” Grab

3_rojoblanco The “Single Leg Boston Crab” Grab

4_rojoblanco  The “Mouthful & A Handful” Grab

5_rojoblanco And Perhaps My Favorite… The “Foreplay” Grab!

“Decrotchery 8”  is available on DVD in the Can-Am Store, as a Pay-Per-Minute on and as an Own-To-Cloud or rental inside Can-AmOnDemand.comfinaldot

Tall, Ripped, Dark, Rugged


About two weeks ago Can-Am Wrestling released six new titles, including this little gem that has already won a blue square on this month’s releases recap. I’m talking about the Cameron Matthews-produced “I’ll Make You Suffer 6” which stars muscle god Kharn Alexander versus badass motherfucker Jimmy Jacobs.

I first knew about Jimmy Jacobs about three years ago, when I purchased an Adam Cole compilation DVD which featured a Cole vs Jacobs match from an indy promotion. At first I was all into watching the sexy hunk in all the matches I could, but his match against Jimmy was something else. I was surprised by Jimmy’s brutal ways as he was manhandling and flat out destroying the hunk. I even had to look twice to check I hadn’t gotten the DVD from an homoerotic wrestling production company instead. Imagine my surprise when I found out that is basically the same scenario we get in IMYS6.

Jimmy is warming up as he is is waiting for Kharn to arrive. Kharn arrives and he loosk like he literally came out of one of my (wet)dreams. Those who have read this blog for a while know that he ticks all the boxes on my checklist: ✓ tall, ✓ripped, ✓dark, ✓rugged, ✓tattoos, and a pair ✓shiny and ✓very, ✓very tight metallic trunks. He agrees to a little “sparring” to help Jimmy train before a big match. They start with the wrong foot when Kharn hits Jimmy with an elbow so he lets go of his arm. They start over again, but Kharn seems to like taunting the little guy by making use of excessive force. But this time Jimmy’s had it! He brings the big man down and starts working him to make him pay for trying to hurt him.

Jimmy’s repertoire for breaking the big guy includes eye gouging, cannibalistic bites and an extended crotch abuse section after Kharn claims “his cock is worth more than Jimmy’s whole life”. The poor hunk will feel how his manhood’s value is degraded again and again as Jimmy punches, stomps and presses his groin against one of the ring posts. But don’t think this is a full squash: Kharn also returns the favor to the badass, making him taste a bit of his own medicine when he gets the upper hand.

While I can get easily tired of watching clueless pretty boys being owned by the bad guys, it kinda feels like I can never get enough of  skilled-but-vulnerable specimens being owned by motherfuckers. Jimmy’s viciousness brings a sense of danger that eclipses Kharn’s presence, and as he demolishes and humiliates all of that impressive physique, IMYS6 becomes one of Can-Am highlights of the year so far.

“I’ll Make You Suffer 6”  is available in DVD in the Can-Am Store, as a Pay-Per-Minute in and as an Own-To-Cloud or rental in My recommendation? GO with Can-Am On Demand whose outstanding quality is just unmatched in the industry. If you haven’t tried it before, here you have the best reason ever! finaldot