What Happened and What’s Going On…

Hi! Long time no see, right?

Well, I’m afraid I’m not returning here for a gigantic comeback, with loads of new posts, all full of gifs, exclusive interviews, reviews, and analysis. Perhaps, all of the opposite.

Here is what happened. Back in December 2015, Imgur (the image hosting site I was using to save all the gifs posted to the site) deactivated my account due to the “excessive amount of bandwidth” the site traffic generated on their end. So, I started to search for alternatives, but none of them really satisfied the site need’s and hosting them in the same hosting plan I own would literally bankrupt me. I tried a couple of alternatives, but when I saw it was not working my drive to continue this project, along with my love to share all these ideas with you, started to fade.

A few months later things began to complicate at work, stress started to get the best of me, and life overall seemed much darker than when I started this journey. The blog was never a priority at that time and when I was finally able to get rid of most of the issues that brought me down, I knew restarting the blog would somehow bring me some of the anxiety that for so long I had to fight to keep under control.

I decided instead to do more things for myself and enjoy other passions I do have.

And here it’s what’s going on. I just received an email from my hosting company telling me is time to renew both my domain and hosting plan. That led me to ponder whether I still want to pay to maintain a “zombie” site and hold on to all of the memories and hours upon hours of work invested to get all of this done. Maybe renewing the site would keep the hope alive that I could find the much needed time and energy to restart again. But after much consideration, I thought it wouldn’t be responsible to ask myself to keep this idea in the back of my mind. And I feel I can find a better use for the $300.

So here is what will happen next. The site will go offline at any moment after February 24, 2018. Until then you will be able to read all the posts published and see the images hosted on the site’s native hosting. And for all those gifs you have been missing out since 2015, you can click on the galleries and links below to see them again… and again and again! (Just make sure to save the links!)

Now, this site may be closing down, but those of you who are really observant know that during this time I was never completely unattached from the online wrestling scene. In fact, I am and probably will still be involved with it for some time and I hope to keep contributing and helping it evolve as I move forward.

To all of the producers that contributed to the blog, thank you so much for trusting me in helping promote your work. Thanks to the fellow bloggers who were and still are active in the scene for motivating me to start this journey and in one way or another helped shaped the look and feel this blog evolved into over the past years.

And to all the readers,  thank you for spending your time reading, commenting and sharing your obsession, I mean, interest with me and the rest of the blogosphere. 🙂 You still have great options to follow (and I’m sure you are), but in case you need any advice check the blog list on the sidebar.

That’s all from me for now. Thanks for being part of the experiment. And remember, there is a little bit of Substance P inside every one. Literally!

Take care.

– José


La Sustancia P #1

La Sustancia P #2

La Sustancia P #3

La Sustancia P #4

La Sustancia P #5

La Sustancia P #6

La Sustancia P #7 Images

La Sustancia P #8

The Releases of January 2016


Here is the full list of the matches released in January 2016 (including two I missed from the last hours of 2015). Happy clicking!

31: (December)
Marco vs Ivan, Mat Wars 63: Thunder’s Arena
Marco vs Dozer, Mat Wars 63: Thunder’s Arena

blue  Aryx Quinn vs Jonny Firestorm : Jonny Firestorm 
watched  The Mountain vs Cal Bennet, Bodybuilder Humiliation 6: Muscle Domination Wrestling

blue Dave Markus vs Nero Angelo: Movimus Wrestling

Maverick vs Cal Bennett, Sexy Cage Fight: Wrestle Cameron
Billy Santoro and Dirk Caber vs Troy Sparks and Hugh HunterNaked Kombat

Brute & Dozer vs Flaco, Rough & Ready 79: Thunder’s Arena
blue  Billy Gunn vs Axel & Kenny Star, 446: UCW-Wrestling

Oscar Lee vs Silent Rob, Pro Club 5: Spotland Scrappers
Oscar Lee v Joey Eden, Pro Club 5: Spotland Scrappers
“Not So Silent” Red Rob v Ray Junior, Pro Club 6 & 7: Spotland Scrappers
Tiger McGuigan Jr v David Cuplu, Pro Club 6 & 7: Spotland Scrappers

Sgt. Stiff vs Brad Barnes, Sgt. Stiff punishes Brad Barnes: Cameron Wrestler

Marco vs Talon. No Holds Barred 59: Thunder’s Arena
Malik vs Nero Angelo (Oil match), 447: UCW-Wrestling

blue  Nero Angelo vs Duke RussoMovimus Wrestling

Talon vs Rex,  No Holds Barred 60: Thunder’s Arena

watched  Frey vs Travis, Mat Wars 65: Thunder’s Arena
Eagle vs Brute Sleeper Match (Part 1), Custom Video Series 28: Thunder’s Arena
watched  Eagle vs Brute Revenge Match (Part 2), Custom Video Series 28: Thunder’s Arena
Krush vs Johnny O, Chloro Combat: Krushco
Lance Hart vs Eli Hunter: Naked Kombat

Vein vs Santiago, Mat Rats 65: Thunder’s Arena
red Tyson Hammer vs Kenny Star (Boxing), 448: UCW-Wrestling

Sam Smiler vs Ray Junior, Cloggers: Spotland Scrappers

Muscle Master Kevin vs Charlie, Zzzz 7: Muscle Domination Wrestling

blue  Talon vs Bucky, Ring Wars 13: Thunder’s Arena
Victor vs LS Powerhouse, 449: UCW-Wrestling

Dave Markus vs Ivan Karamazoff: Movimus Wrestling

Remember: it is possible that many links will not take you directly to the product to which it’s linked since some producers do not create individual product pages for their releases or links may have expired. dot

Happy New Year!


First of all, Happy New Year to all La Sustancia P readers! I hope 2016 only gets better every day for all of you.

Personally, this year promises a lot for me. As I make time for personal ventures, travelling and other projects, I plan to adapt the blog and its content so I can have a better work-life-hobbies balance.

My plan is to redirect the overall focus of the blog from the seriousness of reviews to the more curious, interesting and playful stuff. Also, I plan to work with shorter articles that will enable me to maintain the blog alive without feeling so drained of having to juggle too many things at once.

So think of this as La Sustancia P 1.3… or 1.4. The first change you may have noticed is the updated logo and typography, something that will also be noticeable in future graphics. I’ve got a couple of reviews on the way but I can’t wait to share some of the new ideas I have with you as the blog starts a new phase.

On another note, you may have noticed that many the animated gifs are missing. There is a known issue with the site that hosts all these images which I expect will be solved soon. Meanwhile, for those of you who know about this, adjusting your HTTP Referer settings should help you see the images again. dot