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This blog is an experiment that comes from my fascination for homoerotic wrestling. About 15 years ago I discovered the world of homoerotic wrestling. It is now, after all these years, that I have noticed how my exposure to it has shaped me as a man and as a person. Mi intention with this blog is to explain to myself what is the impact that this has had on me, while contributing to the ongoing discussions about this topic (and doing so primarily in Spanish). It is also my goal to highlight the best products available and share my fascination for them with you. And of course, with this blog I want to connect with you and know how my perception concurs or differ with yours. Most of the content presented here will be based on my opinion, tastes and previous experiences. So feel free to contribute, by commenting or by emailing, and be part of the experiment.

Posts in English

I’m a proud member of the Spanish Grammar Police. Or at least I try to think so. Anyway, the thought of doing a blog fully in english tormented me with the idea of too many mistakes and draining hours of double-checking. Therefore you will find some selected posts which will be translated in English with the best of my efforts. If a post is translated it will probably mean that I want to get the message to as much people as possible or that I think it is a great post.

What is The Substance P?

The Substance P (SP) is one of the major neurotransmitters related with nociception, that is, the perception of pain. This substance is released by the neurons after nocive stimulus such as hits/blows, excessive pressure or skin rupture. Its release activates the sensation of pain and inflammation processes While having a background in sciences, I couldn’t let go the fact that the release of the pain substance in one person would cause me such… pleasure! The logo for the blog is just a simplified version of a Substance P molecule being attached to a cell membrane.

About me

My name is José. I’m a ± 30 years old man and I live somewhere in the Carribean. I’m introverted and I have a tendency to overthink everything. You can email me here: 

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