The Releases of January 2016


Here is the full list of the matches released in January 2016 (including two I missed from the last hours of 2015). Happy clicking!

31: (December)
Marco vs Ivan, Mat Wars 63: Thunder’s Arena
Marco vs Dozer, Mat Wars 63: Thunder’s Arena

blue  Aryx Quinn vs Jonny Firestorm : Jonny Firestorm 
watched  The Mountain vs Cal Bennet, Bodybuilder Humiliation 6: Muscle Domination Wrestling

blue Dave Markus vs Nero Angelo: Movimus Wrestling

Maverick vs Cal Bennett, Sexy Cage Fight: Wrestle Cameron
Billy Santoro and Dirk Caber vs Troy Sparks and Hugh HunterNaked Kombat

Brute & Dozer vs Flaco, Rough & Ready 79: Thunder’s Arena
blue  Billy Gunn vs Axel & Kenny Star, 446: UCW-Wrestling

Oscar Lee vs Silent Rob, Pro Club 5: Spotland Scrappers
Oscar Lee v Joey Eden, Pro Club 5: Spotland Scrappers
“Not So Silent” Red Rob v Ray Junior, Pro Club 6 & 7: Spotland Scrappers
Tiger McGuigan Jr v David Cuplu, Pro Club 6 & 7: Spotland Scrappers

Sgt. Stiff vs Brad Barnes, Sgt. Stiff punishes Brad Barnes: Cameron Wrestler

Marco vs Talon. No Holds Barred 59: Thunder’s Arena
Malik vs Nero Angelo (Oil match), 447: UCW-Wrestling

blue  Nero Angelo vs Duke RussoMovimus Wrestling

Talon vs Rex,  No Holds Barred 60: Thunder’s Arena

watched  Frey vs Travis, Mat Wars 65: Thunder’s Arena
Eagle vs Brute Sleeper Match (Part 1), Custom Video Series 28: Thunder’s Arena
watched  Eagle vs Brute Revenge Match (Part 2), Custom Video Series 28: Thunder’s Arena
Krush vs Johnny O, Chloro Combat: Krushco
Lance Hart vs Eli Hunter: Naked Kombat

Vein vs Santiago, Mat Rats 65: Thunder’s Arena
red Tyson Hammer vs Kenny Star (Boxing), 448: UCW-Wrestling

Sam Smiler vs Ray Junior, Cloggers: Spotland Scrappers

Muscle Master Kevin vs Charlie, Zzzz 7: Muscle Domination Wrestling

blue  Talon vs Bucky, Ring Wars 13: Thunder’s Arena
Victor vs LS Powerhouse, 449: UCW-Wrestling

Dave Markus vs Ivan Karamazoff: Movimus Wrestling

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  1. Chris

    nice overview! 🙂
    Do you know what happens to RHW? Why do they stop to release new videos?

  2. hoochiemoochie

    What happened to you, Jose? You’ve been missing in action for a month and a half!

    Even RHW has started back up!

  3. hoochiemoochie

    You ever coming back Jose? You could at least let us know with a comment or something if you are indeed gone for good or just on hiatus.

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