The Releases of December 2015


The monthly recap of released matches is finally here! I’ve added a new “tier” of favorites: the ‘Best of Month’ where I pick my absolute favorites of the month. And hey, I’m also premiering a new “look”, hope you like it. Happy Clicking!

blue Rex Bedford vs Jax Brewer (with Ethan Andrews), Tag Team Tryout: Rock Hard Wrestling
watched KARN vs. Chase SinnCameron Wrestler

blue Eli Black and Billy Gunn vs. Axel and Max Ryder, 440: UCW-Wrestling
Zman vs Travis, Rough & Ready 77: Thunder’s Arena
Garrett Thomas vs. Joey Angel, Joey Angel Debut: Cameron Wrestler

Danny DeMented vs. Zach Altovito, Danny Demented’s Next Victim: Cameron Wrestler
Tiger McGuigan Jnr & Oscar Lee v The Banshee & Silent Rob, 4GW Tag Teams & Finale: Spotland Scrappers
Tiger McGuigan Jnr vs Oscar Lee vs The Banshee vs Silent vs RobRay Junior vs Sam Smiler, 4GW Tag Teams & Finale: Spotland Scrappers

watched Aron Stokes vs. Ivan Karamazoff: Movimus Wrestling
Freeze vs Virgo, Xtra: The Freeze Show: BWN Video

Eagle vs Travis, Bodybuilder Battle 86: Thunder’s Arena

Jett Jax vs JJ KnightNaked Kombat

blue Felix Raya vs Viggo, Ring Hunks 3: BG East
watched Exavier vs. Braden Charron, Ring Hunks 3: BG East
blue Rolf Fulton vs. Kelly King, Ring Hunks 3: BG East
blue Kirk Donahue vs. Z-Man, Babyface Brawl 3: BG East
watched Skip Vance vs. Tim Sheridan, Babyface Brawl 3: BG East
watched Mike Pitt vs. Trent Blayze, Babyface Brawl 3: BG East
red Biff Farrell vs. Joe Mazetti, The Comeback 2: Joe Mazetti: BG East
blue Alex Arias vs. Patrick Donovan, Undagear 24: BG East
Boyd Hicks vs. Eli Black, Undagear 24: BG East
blue MJ Vergara vs. Jake Jenkins, Undagear 24: BG East
Dark Hammer vs. Azure Flame vs. Mind-Lock: Super Hero Heels 7: BG East
blue Chet Chastain vs. Brice Moore, GutBash 12: BG East
blue Carlos Ortega vs. Lon Dumont, GutBash 12: BG East
red Flash LaCash vs. Van Skyler, GutBash 12: BG East

blue Case “CT” Thornton vs. Duke Russo: Movimus Wrestling
Tyson Hammer vs. Derrick Cole, 441: UCW-Wrestling
Jonny Firestorm vs. Braden Charron: Jonny Firestorm

Mutant vs Frey & Tak, Mat Wars 62: Thunder’s Arena
Mascara Junior v Joey Le Cache, Los Enmascerados: Spotland Scrappers

Zman vs Marco, No Holds Barred 58: Thunder’s Arena
Fire vs Hulk, World: Ghana: BWN Video

blue Bruce Ballard vs Austin Cooper, King of the Ring 5: Rock Hard Wrestling

Dozer vs Ivan, Rough & Ready 78: Thunder’s Arena
Axel vs. Aron, 442 (Lost Video): UCW-Wrestling
Skip Vance vs. Nero Angelo, 443: UCW-Wrestling

blue Nero Angelo vs Tito Marones: Movimus Wrestling

Ray Junior vs David Cuplu & Sam Smiler, You’re Choking!: Spotland Scrappers
Felix vs Steve O, Season’s Beatings: PWP Wrestling
Santiago vs Felix, Season’s Beatings: PWP Wrestling
Mathieu vs Steve O, Season’s Beatings: PWP Wrestling

blue Axel vs. Tyson vs. Nero vs. Kenny, 444 (Holiday Match): UCW-Wrestling
Garrett Thomas vs Mike Splitz: Cameron Wrestler 
Jay Rising vs Jonah Marx: Naked Kombat

Barry Burke vs Lane Hartley & Kelly King, Double-Teamed: Cameron Wrestler

Chace LaChance & Cal Bennett vs. Braden Charron, The Hunk Flunks: Cameron Wrestler
Lyon vs Hawk, Apologize: BWN Video
Evan vs Curtis, Abduction: Creating X-Terminator: BWN Video
Elijah vs Candyman, Whose Muscle?: BWN Video

red Rex Bedford vs Tanner Hill, Hulking Out: Rock Hard Wrestling
Oscar Lee v Joey Eden, Pro Club 5: Spotland Scrappers

Victor vs. Leo, 445: UCW-Wrestling

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  1. Alex Miller

    Excellent. You know I always love these calendars.

    I only bought three of these videos and I’ve watched and reviewed two. I agree with your blue square for King/Fulton for sure. And my review for Pitt/Blayze appears tomorrow, but I agree with your gray square, too. Thanks for the work!

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